Personal Effects, Jan. 6

Published 9:06 am Monday, January 8, 2018

Question: Hi Jerry, what do you think of my little Staffordshre lamb? I love the way that some workman made the clay look like wool. How old do you think that he is? And the important thing, what do you think that he’s worth? I worry about his part as I used to see Staffordshire at the shows all the time but I don’t see it like I used to. Is it as popular as it used to be? Thanks. I always enjoy learing from your articles.

Answer: I love your wooly lamb. He’s cute in an elegant and rustic way. You know that they made that “wool” with a tool that resembled a garlic type press that they then adhered it on the lamb’s body.

You are right it is Staffordshire. This piece dates to about the 1850s. We’ve talked about Staffordshire before here in the articles. The Staffordshire area of Great Britian was once a pottery dynamo until it was phased out by more modern productions. 

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Rest assured, big boys are still chugging out pottery and porcelains in the area — companies like, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Minton and many others.

So long as you love your lamb, I wouldn’t worry too much. You’re right though, you don’t see Staffordshire the way that you used to. The change in tastes and trends have changed and charming pieces like this are now labeled as out of style and fussy. They’ve been replaced by more au courant items and collectibles. 

The generation of brass candlesticks, camel back sofas and Staffordshire figurines are moving into smaller homes, assisted living centers or have died.

I would wager that this piece once sold for $165, would today sell for about $50. Remember, as I always say, “It’s not what it’s worth, it’s how much you enjoy it.” Who knows what the next turn of the antique wheel will bring around. Thanks for sharing it.