Camp Horsin’ Around hit by burglaries

Published 8:29 am Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Boyle County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information about three individuals believed to be involved in three break-ins at Camp Horsin’ Around over the course of five months, from September to February. The camp’s director says the incidents cost the camp about $9,000 in stolen goods and property damage. 

“Those were not things we had in our budget. They have to be replaced and will be taken away from our camper program,” Director Julie McAllister said. 

The camp is a non-profit organization for children battling sicknesses that would normally prevent them from going to summer camp. 

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According to a report from the sheriff’s office, the first break-in happened on Sept. 26; the second on Dec. 7; and the third on Jan. 26. Deputy Jody Adams is investigating the burglaries. 

Security cameras were installed in December, after the second break-in and the individuals were caught on tape. They are described as a female in her late teens to early 20s, possibly around 5-foot-4 tall or shorter with dark hair; a man 20-30, with a short beard and mustache, about 5-foot-8 to 6-foot tall; and another man 20-30, believed to be anywhere from 5-foot-2 to 5-foot-8 tall with no distinguishing facial traits since his face was partially covered. 

The most recent break-in wasn’t discovered until Feb. 9 when an employee saw the door to the boathouse standing open, and a broken window. 

Camp Horsin’ Around Executive Director Julie McAllister said the no one had been to the building recently because it’s mostly only used in warmer weather. 

A Troy Bilt weed eater, two trolling motors for boats and a charging system were stolen. 

During the first incident, it’s believed the burglars came in through an unlatched window, but it’s unclear how they got in the second time. 

Keys were also taken during the incidents, with some being recovered on the property. Entrance was made into the dining facility, the office building and maintenance building. Tools, an iPad, wheeled trash cans, flashlights and archery bows were stolen. A deadbolt of one of the offices had been broken, a cash box with $150 and an Epson video projector were also stolen. 

Some items that were stolen had just been replaced from the earlier incidents, McAllister said. 

Roughly $7,000 worth of items were stolen and $2,000 done in property damage. 

Two unoccupied vehicles had been spotted on a bridge on Claunch Road during one of the incidents. They are described as a white Chevrolet Blazer-type SUV with a silver stripe on the windshield and a full-sized pickup, silver in color.

But, she said, echoing the words of board spokesperson Brant Welch, they plan to do everything possible to not allow the thefts to interfere with the experience for campers this summer.

Due to the break-ins, McAllister said, they have updated security measures, which is also better for campers.

On behalf of the board, its spokesperson, Brant Welch released a statement: 

“Although these are unfortunate circumstances, the community has been incredibly supportive. They’re passionate about the camp’s mission to help children whose health is compromised, or have special needs. We appreciate the assistance of local authorities and of anyone who can help identify those involved. We’ve taken steps to ensure the camp remains a safe, secure, and fun place for special guests and visitors,” he said.

On Wednesday, he said, “People have had a lot of kind comments and supported us. They’ve been good about sharing that information to keep people aware and identify those involved.”

McAllister said they appreciate the help from the community and the support shown by everyone.

“There’s been a lot of support and sympathy for us,” she said. “We appreciate that.”

The individuals involved will likely be charged with burglary, said Chief Deputy Chris Stratton.

Anyone with information into the burglaries at Camp Horsin’ Around is asked to contact the Boyle County Sheriff’s Department at (859) 238-1123 or send a message via Facebook. Deputy Adams is investigating the crimes.

Kendra Peek/
The maintenance shed was entered on two separate occasions at Camp Horsin’ Around. The camp has been burglarized three times.

Kendra Peek/
Access was gained through breaking a window on the boat shed of Camp Horsin’ Around, stealing trolling motors and a weed eater. This is the third time the camp has been hit.

Kendra Peek/
Access was gained through breaking a window on the boats hed of Camp Horsin’ Around, stealing trolling motors and a weed eater. This is the third time the camp has been hit.