Property transfers, March 28

Published 5:24 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Georgia C. Mingo to Matthew C. and Denise N. Cochran, property in Allen’s Addition, $124,000.

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William R. Perkins, successor trustee of the Anna G. Perkins Revocable Trust to Charles B. and Barbara J. Bateman, property in Boyle County, $237,500.

Claude and Kimberly Ridley to Pamela and William J. Sanders, IV, property in Boyle County, $85,000.

Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, acting by and through her attorney-in-fact, Ricky D. Cole, to Justin M. Burton, tract in Boyle County, $75,000.

Jone Pratt to Charles S. Keiser, by and through Charles H. Keiser, his attorney-in-fact and Erin E. Keiser, by and through Charles H. Keiser, her attorney-in-fact, 1.448 acres on the Halcomb property, $247,000.

Priscilla McCowan and Mavis L. McCowan to Dustin S. and Lindsay N. Devine, by and through her attorney-in-fact, Dustin S. Devine, lot in Lannock Village, $219,000.

Michael L. and Jimmie L. Cook to Brittany D. and Dionte A. Caldwell, two tracts in Boyle County, $155,000.

William M. Conder to Kevin S. and Megan H. Milby, lot in Argyll Subdivision, $275,000.

Stephen M. Campbell to Gary W. and Patti B. Chidester, property on Boyd Avenue, $78,000.

Estate of Freida G. Hartley, by William R. Perkins, executor to Charles G. and Betty J. Monroe, property in Boyle County, $238,900.

Charles B. and Barbara J. Bateman to Daniel T. Holly and Jean A. Cunningham, property on Creekside Drive, $300,000.

Dustin R. Gosser to David A. and Kotey Jones, property on Gose Pike, $210,000.

Tracy and Stephen D. Carroll to Priscilla McCowan and Mavis L. McCowan, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $208,000.

Helen Wagner to Claude E. Wagner, lots on Meadow Lane, gift; fair cash value, $120,000.

Jeffrey M. and Jo Ann Coulter to John C. Albright, tract in Boyle County, $3,636.

Terry W. and Kimberly B. Lake to Scott Brady, three lots in Highland Court Subdivision, $20,000.

Steven N. and Stephanie L. Griffin to Margo V. and David W. Caldwell, property on Brookhaven Drive, $175,000.

David W. and Margo Caldwell to Tommie and Kayla Davenport, lot in Paula Heights Subdivision, $122,000.

Dustin S. and Lindsay N. Devine to Nicholas B. and Stephanie Miller, lot in Cloverdale Estates, $120,000.

David and Dawn Camic to Taylor Lay, parcel in Paula Heights Subdivision, $98,000.

Thomas L. and Lynn C. Letton to James T. and Judith A. Gramstad, lot of the Hunt Farm, $175,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Tammy D. and Brian W. Jordan to Tammy D. and Brian W. Jordan, parcel on east side of KY 49, property transfer; fair cash value, $18,000.

Timothy H. and Verna Z. Martin to Jessica O. Martin and Pierre R. Louis, parcel on west side of KY 910, $4,000.

Kayla Buis to Tonya E. Denson, lot in High Pint Subdivision, $25,000.

Jorge and Jessica S. Martinez to David E. and Nancy M. Castillo-Karchefski, parcel on the west side of US 127, $58,000.

Todd W. and Robin R. Meeks to Thomas J. and Teresa A. Estes, 5.543 acres of the Childers Property, $24,000.

Harvey N. Hoover to Samuel N. and Dorothy O. Hoover, two parcels in Casey County, $175,000.

Glen and Phyllis Cundiff to David M. and Katherine L. Norfleet, parcel in Adair and Casey County, $135,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Richard E. and Teresa A. Jenkins to John and Gayle Learned, tract in Ridge Point Estates Subdivision, $6,000.

Rodney and Stacey Montgomery to Anthony E. and Jessica E. Montgomery, property on Mt. Hebron Road, $155,000.

Ernest V. Estes, Jennifer D. Estes, Commonwealth of Kentucky-Workforce Development Cabinet ex rel Division of Unemployment Insurance and JPMorgan Chase Bank, successor by merger to Chase Homes Finance, LLC, successor by merger to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to JPMorgan Chase Bank, $43,334.

Betsy G. Wides to Steven A. Wides, lot in Turkey Foot Ridge Subdivision, gift; assessment, $12,000.

Charles T. and Catherine C. Conn to Charles T. Conn, 5.10 acres in Garrard County, $380,000.

CMH of KY, Inc. to Michael W. and Tanis E. Prueitt, 16.81 acres in Garrard County, $192,505.

Christopher T. Elleman, through his power of attorney Danny Ayres to David Stewart, tract in the Carol Ball Subdivision, $270,000.

James & Company, LLC to Jason C. Sutton, tract in the Lynn Gibson Subdivision, $88,500.

David and Tonika M. York to Michael Lovell, 15.84 acres in Garrard County, $105,000.

Keith and Pam Locker to Keith and Pam Locker, 1.159 acres on Old Railroad Grade Road, gift; fair market value, $75,000.

John and Diana East to Samantha Reed, two lots in the Morrow Addition, $20,000.

Helen and Chester E. Petrey, Jr. to Clarence Z. Burgess, IV and Chelsea M. Barker, lot in the Shipton Estes Subdivision, $120,000.

Mary C. Lane and Barry Tackett to Roughwood Holdings, LLC, tract on east side of Harmons Lick Road, $24,800.

Jay T. Hettmansperger to Barbara Hettmansperger, parcel on east side of Price Avenue, separation agreement.

Jay T. Hettmansperger to Barbara Hettmansperger, lot on Vam Court, separation agreement.

Elizabeth S. Sultzbach to Colby Sultzbach, 17.78 acres in Garrard County, settlement agreement.

Orlene D. McEachern to Christopher and Christina Farrell, lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $8,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Gary Mattingly to Donnie Carman, two tracts on Pond School Road, $31,900.

Harold Glen Baird to Harold Glen Baird Living Trust, Harold Glen Baird, trustee, two tracts of land situated between KY Hwy 2141 and New U.S. 127, near Moreland; fair market value, $130,540.

Harold Glen Baird to Harold Glen Baird Living Trust, Harold Glen Baird, trustee, 61.617 acres on New U.S. 127, south of Hustonville; fair market value, $115,500.

Francine Mae Aona Kenyon to Daniel J. Kenyon, lot in Hanging Fork Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $98,000.

Dewayne and Joy M. Ruckel to Richard Damon and Amanda S. Foster, 0.333 acre off KY Hwy 590, $2,200.

Diana and Edward VanHook Jr., to Patricia and Ventura Cabrera, property in Lincoln County, vendor’s lien deed, $47,000.

Clara Rector to Bruce Goodin, 0.342 acre on KY Hwy 1247, $5,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to David B. Coppage Jr., two tracts of land on Whitley Avenue and East Main Street, Stanford, $43,500.

John E. and Joanne R. Tobe to David J. and Kelly K. Grigson, five acres on KY Hwy 590, $25,000.

Kathy Elaine Osborne, attorney-in-fact for Dorothy I. Nicholas, to James D. Nicholas, 4.775 acres on KY Hwy 39, $60,000.

William R. and Feona J. Hubbard to Tyler Hubbard, 1.004 acres on KY Hwy 501, $8,000.

Jo Ann and Earl L. Cooper, Joe S. and Robin Crain, Margaret Dale English, Janice Lynn Durham Selby, Kevin Goins, Michael Goins, Joseph Goins, Jesse Frye and Jamie and Benjamin Paul Edmondson to Ashley VonLinger and Gary Cooper, property on Martin’s Court, Stanford, $90,000.

Deborah S. Bosley and Jack Bosley to Mary P. Jarnagin, property situated near Hustonville, gift; fair cash value, $40,700.

Justin A. and Mary P. Jarnagin to Julie Hardin to Justin A. and Mary P. Jarnagin, property situated near Hustonville, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $40,700.

James T. Jr. and Kim Cummins to Roy R. Lanigan, two tracts of land on Danville Street, $47,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Lakeside Properties of KY, LLC to Luke Properties, Inc., four tracts in Mercer County, $725,000.

Tammy and Edward D. Jenkins, Jr. to Mason and Amanda Moss, property in Buena Vista Estates, $130,000.

Mary K. Mayo to Coy L. and Ivadean Arthur, 1.149 acres in Mercer County, $83,000.

Ruth Thompson to Nelson Thompson, lot in Green Acres Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $100,000.

Roger D. and Melissa Davis to Harold D. and Helen F. Baker, two parcels in Mercer County, $18,000.

Vance W. and Cordelia C. Reed to Don B. Yates, lots in Cummins Subdivision, $45,000.

Vickie Peavler and Gary R. Combs to Zachary T. Lynch and Angelia M. Peavler, property on Altee Drive, $100,000.

Peacock Properties, LLC to James Anderson, property on Park Avenue, $55,000.

Patsy J. Gant to Steve T. Caton, 41.34 acres in Mercer County, $32,000.

Mitzi F. and Kevin Lutes to Craig and Michelle Harrod, tract on the Stenberg Property, $43,000.

Samuel D. and Elizabeth H.S. Dedman to Joseph P. and Sarah L. Webb, property on Beaumont Ave., $272,000.

Whitaker Bank, Inc. to Kentucky Views, LLC, property on Kirkwood Road, $26,800.

Paul T. and Linda J. Barnes to Terry L. and Rodonna P. Childers, 12.6 acres in Mercer County, $60,000.

Linwood Properties, LLC to Jason L. Shewmaker, two lots in Brentwood Subdivision, $15,000.

Danny L. and Shirley A. Phillips to Aaron B. and Julie E. Ison, property in Mercer County, $44,177.10.

Stephen and Melinda Lyons to Robert H. and India N. Tharp, lots in Fountaine View Subdivision, $239,000.

Elizabeth Adams to Matthew F. and Bonnie Hughes, property in Mercer County, $110,000.

Charles T. Adams to Matthew F. and Bonnie Hughes, two tracts in Mercer County, $55,000.