Magistrate says aquatic facility would mean raising taxes 

Published 6:22 am Saturday, April 14, 2018

To make sure everyone is informed 100 percent on the survey Danville has solicited, I offer the following info.
In today’s paper,” Danville residents want new Aquatic facility.” More than half of Danville’s residents may think construction of a new aquatic center is a priority.
Only 521 respondents filled out the survey, 52 percent of them (as reported) felt the aquatic center was a priority. That is a total 271 residents. My point is, this story could be very misunderstood.
Boyle County has some very serious issues coming up in the next two years. We have no clue, at this point, what this Pension Bill is going to do to us financially. It could cost Boyle County up to $600,000 the first year. I was told it could cost the city up to a million. I think it would be prudent of us to take a wait and see attitude before we think about committing $3-8 million to an aquatic center because of a very unscientific survey that says 271 people think it’s a good idea.
That’s only one of the issues we face. The jail is a major concern. It could be a $4-$20 million dollar issue. Our roads will be an issue also, because we have been told by Frankfort we could lose up to $300,000 of our road funds.
We as elected officials need to be very cautious and prudent with your tax dollars. I personally feel very strongly about that, as does our entire Fiscal Court.
The other question that needs to be asked concerning an aquatic center is,”are you willing to have a major tax increase to have this aquatic center?” In all honesty that’s the only way it could possibly happen. I for one am not willing to put our county in debt with out hearing from more than 271 people. I need to hear from 10,000 taxpayers
I submit to those that think we have to have this as a county or a city, then put it out to private business people, I’m sure if they see it as a feasible business, they’ll step up.
We all should realize, we all want many things, but it has to be paid for someway. We have to balance our home budgets on what we have. Government MUST do the same, in my humble opinion.
I hope this info is helpful.
Jack Hendricks
Boyle County Fiscal Court Magistrate

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