Scarborough didn’t know what he was talking about

Published 6:20 am Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dear Editor
Apparently Mr. Scarborough has never actually attended one of our current fiscal court meetings if he thinks that the way it is run now is, “a body of equals. It works not by command but by deliberation, discussion, seeking evidence, compromise, give and take. It is democratic, egalitarian. One bows not to the chairperson but to the will of the majority, a majority ultimately responsible to the entire community of voters.”
I suggest that before he makes such sweeping statements that he do two things:
First — attend a Fiscal Court Meeting.
I think Mr. Scarborough’s misconceptions of how this body currently works would be quickly resolved. I have attended several, but I’m sure just one would remedy his lack of knowledge on this topic.
He should see, in person, how the current judge-executive points to magistrates and tells them not only to make a motion, but how to state that motion, then points to another to second it and then asks for all those in favor to say “aye” and all those opposed to say no — but fails to even take a breath between calling for those opposed and continuing with his next item.
(If Mr. Scarborough is fuzzy on how Robert’s Rules of Order are supposed to work, he should definitely brush up before attending, since no guidance on proper decorum and process will come from attending. I have an extra copy I’d be happy to loan him if he needs one.)
Second — I suggest that he actually meet and talk to Gen. Howard Hunt.
Before assuming (you know what they say about assuming, right?) that this man is not a team player, you should talk to him, Mr. Scarborough. You should talk to those people who have worked with him. I have seen how he handles disagreement. I have personally disagreed with him on occasion and have never seen what you described. Instead, I’ve seen an invitation to discuss and brainstorm and find solutions. Personally, I’ve been impressed with him as a candidate and as an individual.
Both of the men you attempt to malign in your letter have EARNED my respect. It wasn’t given, Mr. Scarborough. It was earned.
Might I be so bold as to recommend that you step outside of your own bias and prejudice and actually learn before touting yourself as an expert on the military in general and these men in particular? I have watched both of the men you mention in your letter treat others with respect, even when they disagreed.
Perhaps you should take a lesson from them in that regard especially when you are uninformed — at least until you can become informed — should you decide to do so.

Angela Allen

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