Douglas most qualified to be jailer

Published 6:55 am Saturday, May 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

In the Boyle County Republican Primary Election on May 22, voters of Boyle County will have the opportunity to elect Rita Douglas, who is the most qualified candidate for the office of jailer that I have witnessed in my lifetime, regardless of political party affiliation.  

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I am a lifelong Boyle County resident who has gotten to know Rita, and who has carefully reviewed her qualifications for office. Rita, who is a life-long resident of Boyle County, has three bachelor’s degrees, sociology, juvenile justice, and criminal justice, and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University Suma Cum Laude.

Rita has over five years professional experience working with juveniles, and a dozen years of experience as a correctional unit supervisor.

She supervised incarcerated populations of over 500 offenders, while managing staffs of 6 to 20 people. Rita is a member of the American Correctional Association, and she was also an inmate classification treatment officer.

In addition to her education and administrative experience, Rita has the desire to make our community safer, while at the same time ensuring that our detention center is a safer, more humane facility.

Rita believes that with better management, non-violent incarcerated individuals can be more successfully and safely reintegrated back into the community.

For these reasons, I heartily endorse Rita Douglas for the office of jailer of Boyle County. I humbly request your vote for her as well.

For more information on this exceptional candidate, please visit her website by Googling Rita Douglas for Jailor, or using the search visiting:

Mike Leake