Wants follow-up on juveniles accused of vandalism

Published 6:58 am Saturday, May 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

This is in reply to The Advocate-Messenger article, “Kids caught in the act of destroying inside of building.” I realize that this might just be a courtesy posting by the Danville Police (blotter). I am grateful for being informed.

This type of mischief perpetrated by “kids” is not new to adults (some may have done this themselves). I believe that this situation if not checked, could lead to something more serious. As a taxpayer, I want to make it quite clear these actions are something I will not tolerate or accept.

More importantly, where is the mention of the parents and the role they had or did not have in this event?

Going forward, I believe The Advocate-Messenger’s responsibility is to follow up this article and post a conclusion WE can accept. It is the news media’s mission (reporters) to seek the truth and find out why it is not being taken care of.

If not, The Advocate-Messenger needs to get out of the gossip business.

Martin Brown