Property transfers, May 16

Published 6:03 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Dorcas Blackwell to AHS Properties, LLC, .209 acres in Boyle County, $83,000.

Anthony W. and Melissa K. Keith to Andrew J. and Justine A. Bibby, lot in Shelby Green Subdivision, $159,000.

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Mark R. and Mary F. Anderson to Pamela Parker, property in Boyle County, $120,000.

Jacqueline H. Lindberg to Marianne Grave, by and through Paula Piazza, attorney-in-fact, lot in McDowell Estates, $172,000.

First Colored Baptist Association, by and through its successor, the First Baptist Church, by and through its deacons, Marvin Swann, Jr. and Robert Trumbo, trustees, Jerry Jones and Ennis Tillman to First Baptist Church, by and through its deacons, Marvin Swann, Jr., and Robert Trumbo, trustees, Jerry Jones and Ennis Tillman, property on the south side of Walnut Street, property transfer; fair market value, $630,000.

Larry R. and Lesa K. Combs to Jenny D. Gilliam, .265 acres in Boyle County, $75,000.

Robert W. Smith and Jacqueline G. Fowler to Martha G. Nesbitt, lot in Green Acres Subdivision, $262,500.

Barry Metcalf to Caywood Metcalf, lot in the Urban Renewal Third Street Project, gift; value, $50,000.

Nicholas C. and Haley A. Brown to Zachary R. and Alexandria L. Gardner, property on Lyons Ave., $128,000.

David and Kotey J. Jones to Seth Lucas, lot in Paul Heights Subdivision, $105,000.

Dwayne L. and Kelly R. Tagarook-Brown, by Dwayne L. Brown, attorney-in-fact, to Brian K. and Emily J. Baker, three lots in Boyle County, $45,000.

Martha W. Jett to Billy J. and Katherine P. Bandy, unit in Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $195,000.

Jeffrey M. and Heather Watson to Tiffany N. Kedrick, lot on Chestnut Street, $94,500.

Barbara S. Reynierson to Rhonda and Norman Green, property on Saint Mildreds Court, $200,000.

Robert S. and Jackie Raines to Delaney K. and Alexander C. Campbell, property on Logan Ave., $110,000.

Cassondra P. and Denver M. Scott to Jeremy C. Carlson and Maggie A. Hartlage, lot in Green Acres Subdivision, $124,900.

Carey S. and Wendy C. Rochester to Darren W. and Deborah A. Peckler, .289 acres in Boyle County, $35,000.

Phillip Ray Belcher, Jr. and Francis Belcher to Crystal N. Montgomery, property on Lisa Ave., $109,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Ward and Josephine Brockman to Jeremy T. and Ashton L. Stearns, 6.680 acres in Casey County, $42,700.

Wanda W. White to Christopher D. Wilkinson and Carol J. Wilkinson, trustee of the Carol J. Wilkinson Living Trust, 100 acres on waters of Brush Creek, $100,000.

Beverly King, executrix of the estate of Ova R. Johnson to Ronald B. and Melissa Vaughn, two parcels in Casey County, $68,000.

Rhonda L. Humphrey to Jerry R. and Melissa C. Atwood, lot on the Ridgefield Place, $140,000.

Larry L. Rodgers to Danny J. and Debra S. Tapscott, parcel on Scotts Chapel Ridge Road, $13,500.

Jessie M. Wesley to Karen and William W. Barnes, Jr., two tracts on Hwy. 501, $280,000.

Kayla Lynn to Lester C. Anderson, lot from the Basil and Alice Roy property, $25,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation, Karen L. Hitch and John W. Hitch, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to Kentucky Housing Corporation, lot on Jackie Drive, $43,450.

Trina K. Gilpin, Terri L. Gilpin, Sherri L. and Russell D. Rodgers, Timothy R. and Lindsay King W. Campbell, Charlee S. Holt to Thomas R. Trea Emerson, 1.194 acres in Casey County, $35,000.

Terry Family Trust, by and through Kathryn E. Leigh and Jennifer L. Terry, co-trustees of the Terry Family Trust to Kerry C. and Connie S. Cundiff, parcel in the Wedgewood Estates Subdivision, $2,500.

Norman Childress to Leslie K. Wilson, 2.78 acres on Brock Road, gift; fair cash value, $40,000.

Jeffrey K. and Jennifer L. Rodgers to Dexter and Chandra L. Godbey, parcel near junction of Hwy. 70 and Hwy. 837, $2,800.

Russell D. and Rebecca J. Douglas to Kaleb B. Chansler, parcel on Hwy. 3270, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.

Maurice and Ravonne Maddox to Randy Williams, 2.491 acres in Casey County, $12,000.

Russell K. and Nanette C. Wright to Skyler K. Wright, parcel in Casey County, $500.

Ronald B. and Melissa E. Vaughn to Susan J. Leathers, lot at junction of Montgomery Ave. and Wolford Street, $10,000.

Phillip D. Smallwood and Susan J. Leathers to Janice J. Smallwood, parcel on Wolford Street, $60,000.

Tommy and Elaine Wood to Joshua A. and Miriam R. Gibson, parcel in Riverdrive Estates, $139,900.

Phillip W. and Tammy J. Cochran, Stacie L. Cochran, Harold R. and Polly A. Cochran, Steven Cochran, and Connie D. Cochran to Steven Cochran, tract in Casey Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $6,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Priscilla S. and Barry W. White, Jr. to Cristopher R. and Angela J. Johnson, property on Lucille Circle, $269,900.

Samuel A. and Christy R. Johnson to Pete and Nicole Hobgood, property on Lucille Circle, $224,900.

Ann and Jerry McQuerry to James E. and Carolyn H. Land, two parcels in Maplewood Drive Addition, $280,000.

Tommy J. Daniel  to Mary Lafave, lot in Whispering Hills Estates, gift; value, $120,000.

Woods Creek, LLC to Johnnie M. and Sharon H. Isaacs, two tracts in Garrard County, $6,000.

Ola L. Moore to John P. Caudill, lot in Whispering Hills Estates, $120,000.

Justin H. and Kelsey L. Gaffney to Benjamin and Kaori Botiller, by Carla Sue Botiller, as her attorney-in-fact, lot in Bright Leaf Estates Subdivision, $220,000.

Daniel R. and Lisa B. Roush to Carmine and Allison Salerno, three tracts in Garrard County, $305,000.

Mark A. and Nancy S. Ballard to James S. Ballard, tract in Buena Vista Estates Subdivision, property transfer; fair market value, $170,000.

Roy W. and Sue Davis to Nathan Barnes, tract on Roy Walker Davis Road, $12,000.

Brett and Kelsey May to Stevy L. and Henry W. Brewer III, lot in Davis Heights Subdivision, $120,000.

Anthony W. and Sandra C. Mattingly to Justin H. and Kelsey L. Gaffney, tract in Turkey Creek Estates, $189,900.

Steven J. Roach and Jamie A. Speake to Bruce J. Scott, lot in Merriwood Estates Subdivision, $157,900.

Norma J. Sowder to Charles W. Sowder, property on Steven Walker Road, gift; fair cash value, $150,000.

Justin Sebastian and Jennifer Sebastian to Billy R. and Judy Moore, property in Buckeye Section, $49,500.

Elizabeth A. Cunningham, trustee of the Elizabeth A. Cunningham Revocable Trust UTD to Anthony J. Mortara and Carol A. Damen, lot in Country Ayr Estates Subdivision, $149,350.

Wells Fargo Bank; Angela Cupp; unknown defendant, spouse of Angela Cupp; Jananne Shipley; unknown defendant, spouse of Jananne Shipley; Roger Cupp; unknown defendant, spouse of Roger Cupp; unknown defendants, who are the heirs or devisees or legatees of Arthur J. Cupp and their spouses; any unknown person who may have interest in the property, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Monty M. and Margaret S. Major, lot on Pin Oak Drive, $72,800.

Oscar Miller to Ray and Crystal Miller, property on Gabbard Road, gift; fair cash value, $22,500.

Daniel Ray to Luther Black, two lots in Morrow Addition, $76,000.

Julia and James Laughlin to Charles B. Gibson, property on Cartersville Road, $83,600.

William E. and Catrina Lake and Billy L. and Tammy Lake to Elleman Properties, LLC, 13.39 acres in Garrard County, $70,000.

Eddie L. and Virginia L. Woods to Teresa Harness, property on Stanford Street, $60,000.

Ricky L. and Ida Rector to David A. and Kisha K. Stout, lot in Karen Carter Subdivision, $35,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Norman and Kristy Lawrence to Christopher J. and Heather R. Coffman, lot No. 31 of Shelby Woods Subdivision, Phase 2, $230,000.

Johnny L. and Lexi L. Brumley to Henry M. Jr. and Zoetta Brumley, 0.48 acre on Cross Road, $29,000.

Carl D. and Frances J. Mink to Jo Ann Metcalf, approximately 2.7 acres on Knob Lick Creek and U.S. 127, situated 1-1/2 miles south of Junction City, $20,000.

CastleRock 2017, LLC, to Michael and June Bant Whirls, two tracts of land on Maywood Road, $16,000.

BBG Development Inc. to Ellison Farms Development, LLC, 7.598 acres off U.S. 27 and extended Miller Street, Stanford, $45,100.

Jerry and Jeannette D. Germann to CK Max, LLC, 0.582 acre on U.S. 150, $22,550.

Glenwood and Audrey Cornett to Melvin and Amanda Cornett, 8.62 acres on KY 1778, $1,000.

Ronald B. and Jennifer Cooper to Whitney Rector, 1.664 acres on Harris Creek Road, $154,900.

Rhonda K. and Hank Cornett to Rhonda K. and Hank Cornett, two parcels of property on South Fork Road, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $48,000.

Dorothy Caudill to Donald R. Caudill, Debby Marchal and Melanie Garrison, two tracts of land on Old U.S. 27, lying 1-3/4 miles north of Waynesburg, gift; fair cash value, $49,000.

James T. and Dottie J. Mobley to Joseph M. and Tonia M. Mobley, two parcels of property on Green River Road, $50,000.

Adam L. and Kristina Smith to Mary and Stephen Courtiour II, property on Westwood Drive in Forest Hills Subdivision, Stanford, $125,000.

Robert W. and Shirley Wilson, Scott E. Anderson and Tina and William Eugene Goode to Brandon B. and Kayla Mullins, tract 2 of Countryside Estates Subdivision, containing 0.881 acre, $8,000.

Don and Nancy Grimes Miracle to Virginia Carol Hill, 0.984 acre on Danville Avenue, Stanford, $30,000.

Donna Riley Reed, Wendell Chadwick Reed-Clore and Gregory Dean Clore to Ricky and Deborah Keathley, lot No. 6 of Sunset Subdivision, located off Airport Road, containing 0.516 acre, $8,200.

Linda T. Wilcher to Jennifer T. Wilcher, 1.004 acres on the Geneva-McKinney Road, gift; fair cash value, $67,400.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, on behalf of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, to James Gover, 1.078 acres on KY Hwy 39 and U.S. 150 (Business), Crab Orchard, $24,000.

Gene and Shelby Jean Noe to Rodney and Carrie Asberry, one acre on Allen Road, $9,500.

Jeremy S. Cook to Penny Patterson, lot No. 4 of Arcadia Heights Subdivision, $192,000.

Robert Murphy and Angela Mills, f.k.a. Angela Stamper, to Nick and Donna Thompson, tracts No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 of Magnolia Heights, containing 8.292 acres, $31,000.

Jeromy Viands to Gregory Scott Patterson, lot No. 4, Goshen Subdivision, Phase 2A, on Goshen Cutoff, containing 0.348 acre, $107,500.

Gordon and Shirley Sheron and Ricky and Kelly Mullins to Damon A. and Janette N. Johnson, 74.677 acres off Gilbert’s Creek Road, $118,800.

Parley D. and Nancy Roller to Amy Hazlett Stevens and Haley D. Stevens, property at the corner of Second and Church Streets, Stanford, $38,200.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

James R. Christensen, individually, and as attorney-in-fact for Eileen J. Christensen to David J. Yount and Karen J. Bednarski, tract in Baker’s Mill Property Subdivision, $130,000.

Rodney W. and Courtney Cloyd to Lisha Davis, property on Quirks Run Road, $76,000.

Leonard M. and Nancy Price to Jerry D. and Catherine Catlett, 1.001 acres in Mercer County, $25,000.

Leonard M. and Nancy Price to Jerry D. and Catherine Catlett, 92.92 acres in Mercer County, $300,000.

Leonard M. Price and Nancy Price to Jerry D. and Catherine Catlett, 5.80 acres of the Wendlandt/Peterson Property, $275,000.

Karen Bradley and Jack Morgeson to Timothy B. and Hallie M. Crowe, 7.698 acres on Deep Creek Road, $50,000.

Michael W. and Cynthia L. Spivey to Brandon C. and Allison R. Morton, tract of the Campbell property, $448,750.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to to Michael F. and Jessica Ison, property on Talmage Mayo Road, Salvisa, $135,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Carlos E. and Melanie C. Lane, lot on East Lexington Street, $61,000.

Virginia O. and Jimmy M. Walling to James A. Estes, two and one-half lots in Robards Court, $127,000.

David and Christine Murray to Debra and David Zabel, property on Klein Court, $225,000.

Terri and Ralph Phillips, III to Danny and Tammy Holliday, lot in Lee Oak Estates, $1; fair cash value, $12,500.

Heather Holliday to Danny and Tammy Holliday, lot in Lee Oak Estates, $1; fair cash value $7,000.

Brian and Elizabeth S. Boele to Glenn Pinkston, 10 acres in Mercer County, $55,000.

Brandon D. Sagraves and Denae D. Sagraves and Joshua D. Cobb to Elizabeth B. Dean, property on Old Dixville Road, $157,100.

Estate of Eunice M. Jones, through Thomas M. Jones, executor of the last will and testament, to Jamie A. Dockery and Gerald A. Biasiolli, Jr., 43.42 acres on southeast side of Oregon Road, Salvisa, $110,000.

Clint J. Merriman, individually and as executor of estate of Gary A. Merriman to Casey C. Merriman, parcel on Main Street in Cornishville, gift; fair market value, $16,250.