Up against it with electric service

Published 6:26 am Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Danville Electric Company was having it share of problems in March 1920, according to an article in The Kentucky Advocate archives.

Manager George A. Irvine is confined to his home after a severe attack of grip, the chief engineer at the plant has resigned, and a new man is being trained.

A break down in the diesel engine shut off street lights. A force of mechanics are working on the engine but were doubtful if the repairs an be made in time to turn on the street light that night,

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Some people think the trouble in Danville is due to an overload occasioned by furnishing current to Burgin and Junction City.

An investigation reveals the fact the two towns are light users of the electric juice — that the Danville tobacco warehouses; or the Gilcher Hotel or the Hub Department Store each use as much current as both Burgin and Junction City.

Mayor Irvine asks patrons to be as lenient as possible until repairs are made to the engine.

He said the recent sleet did an unlimited amount of damage to the wiring and repairs then occasioned have not be fully adjusted although a full force of men have been working steadily.