Property transfers, August 8

Published 6:26 am Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Estate of Len B. Shouse to Raeanna S. and Charles T. Lay, property on Gwinn Island Road, $166,000.

Jack and Betty L. Barlow, through Cindy Arnold, attorney-in-fact to Charles and Margaret White, lots in Baughman Heights Subdivision, $130,000.

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Brooke-Tate Properties LLC to H & H Family Properties LLC, lot in Baughman Heights addition, $135,000.

Ryan and Andrea New to Kacie D. and John L. Kelso, two lots on Linda Ave., $164,000.

Scott B. and Margaret L. Scutchfield to H. Vincent Pennington, III to Scott B. and Margaret L. Scutchfield, 12.995 acres in Boyle County, right of survivorship; fair cash value, $600,000.

William E. and Frances Nido, through their power of attorney, Kevin Nido to Mohammad R. Seraji, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $178,200.

Dennis and Kathy Allen to Jessica and Gregory L. Thompson, 1.012 acres in Boyle County, $74,500.

Mira S. Daugherty, successor trustee under the Bill L. Lewis August 18, 2014 Trust to Sherrie D. and William C. Horn, Sr., lot in Shelby Green Subdivision, $169,900.

Jason E. Tewmey to Andrea M. Tompkins, lot in Candlewood Subdivision, $155,000.

James N. Hays to Thomas H. Baker, Jr., lot in Clearview Subdivision, $100,000.

Kathy L. Wright, executor of the estate of Billie S. Yates and Kathy L. Wright to R & D Motor Sports Limited Liability Company, LLC, 1.33 acres in Boyle County, $250,000.

Barry Metcalf to Caywood Metcalf, lot in Southgate Subdivision, gift; value of property, $85,000.

Benjamin A. and Claudia C. Janes to Jody D. and Krysta M. Lenington, 1.131 acres in Boyle County, $180,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee for the Certificateholders of the CWABS, Inc., Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-20 to David and Rebecca Shelton, lot in Ridgefield Subdivision, $132,500.

John J. and Jacqueline R. Harlow to Robert W. Miles, lots in Paula Heights Subdivision, $124,000.

Mary and Gaston L. Rose to Timothy Rose and Randall L. Rose, property in Boyle County, gift; fair market value, $230,000.

Bluegrass Community Bank, through its duly authorized officer to Jay Guru, Inc., through its duly authorized officer, two tracts in Boyle County, $335,500.

Stephanie L. Denny, David F. Denny, Steven D. Fitzgerald and Robert and Judith R. Fitzgerald to Thomas and Brenda Hair, tract on Persimmon Knob, $7,100.

Jeremy T. and Brittany Coffman to Ricky A. Rakes, property in Boyle County, $46,108.95.

Christopher L. and Avanda Coffman to Control Wiring & Solutions Services Group, Inc., two tracts in Boyle County, $432,520.

Craig M. Kirchgessner and Stephen J. and Ramona J. Kirchgessner to Adrian Puckett, property on Hudson Avenue, $138,000.

Gloria Wiley to Robert G. Wiley, II and Jennifer L. Bush-Wiley, lot in Bluegrass Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $245,000.

Lorene S. Wilson, by Tammie Parks, attorney-in-fact to Fox Caldwell, property on Nichols Street, $55,000.

James F. and Deborah A. Vanhook to Mary K. Vanhook, property in Crescent Heights Subdivision, $37,500.

Estate of Stella Goode, by and through Kathleen Andrews and Jesse Goode, co-personal representatives of the estate of Stella Goode to Justin L. and Rebekah J. Ellsworth, parcel located in Boyle County, $228,000.

Floyd M. and Belinda James to Michael and Lela Bradshaw, property on Lebanon Road, $212,500.

Jeremy C. and Robyn C. Allen to Matthew R. Walter, trustee to Jeremy C. and Robyn C. Allen, lot in Hunt Farm, gift; fair cash value, $172,900.

Estate of Edna P. Graham by Melissa A. Benge, executrix to Christopher and Elina Gibson, lot in the Urban Renewal Third Street Project, $52,000.

Gary A. and Linda Smith to Christopher P. and Crystal J. Hibberd, lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $87,000.

Jackie Antle to Tobey S. Sturgill, parcel on south side of Lexington Avenue, $115,000.

Vaughn K. Lowe to Corey Edwards, house and lot in Perryville, $47,000.

Paula J. Lanham to Jacob Atkins, lot in Bluegrass Trace Subdivision, $225,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Timothy H. and Verna Martin to Pierre R. and Jessica O. Louis, 2.322 acres on KY 910, $4,000.

Mabel H. Holt to Paul M. Martin, 13.6469 acres on South Fork Ridge Road, $120,000.

Darlene Newell to Mark and Linda Newell, five parcels in Casey County, $92,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, as trustee for Greenpoint Manufactured Housing Contract Trust, Pass Through Certificate, Series 2000-3; unknown spouse (if any) of Sheila Faye Franklin; Greenpoint Credit LLC; Sheila Faye Franklin; and Sheila Faye Franklin as administratrix to the estate of Dale Lane, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to The Bank of New York Mellon, as successor in interest to all permitted successors and assigns of Bank One, National Association as trustee, of the Greenpoint Manufactured Housing Contract Trust, Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2000-3, property on Matherly Road, $15,000.

Michael L. Cuzick, individually and as executor of the estate of Norma Jean Cuzick to Robert W. and Janice M. Atwood; and Darlene Cuzick, three parcels in Community of Clementsville, $250,000.

Danny A. Payton and Teena M. Peyton to Phillip W. Showalter and Emily R. Guenther, 13.543 acres in Casey County, $237,000.

Ann E. Porter, by and through Cameron Griffith, special master commissioner to John A. Porter, property on School House Road, divorce settlement.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Gary R. Hensley, property on Watson Chapel Road, $27,500.

Kelly C. Ison and Melissa D. Ison to Roman M. and Sheenah D. Yoder, three parcels situated in Boyle, Lincoln and Casey County, $150,000.

Jack J. Barnes to Jack J. and Norma Barnes and Tommie Bolles, one acre parcel in Casey County, $30,000.

Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers, acting through Jackie L. Rogers, attorney-in-fact to Timothy M. Gilmont and Mary E. Mason, two tracts in Casey County, $10,000.

Billy C. and Margaret R. Weddle to Robert E. and Virginia A. Ezell, two parcels in Casey County, $390,000.

Bruce and Gatha Wilhem to Tamara and Wilse Burkhart, property on Patsy Riffe Ridge Road, $250,000.

Blaine and Catherine Staat to Kimberley R. Baldwin, property on Hustonville Street, $120,000.

Val D. and JoAnna Bridgman to Carol Buchanan and Danny W. Ison, 1.624 acres in Casey County, $4,000.

James J. Smith to April A. and Robert L. Colyer, Jr., 25.5211 acres in Casey County, $30,000.

Tommie N. Buck to Brigida Q. Barbis, parcel on Gum Lick Road, $7,956.

Jon P. Lauth and Kerry J. Lauth to Hannah and Timothy Callinan, Sr., 1.04 acres in Casey County, $5,000.

Eugene Mahunik and Chester Cornett, co-executors of the estate of Janne Toms to John K. and Rose A. Watson, two parcels in Casey County, $130,000.

Tracy E. Hebrock; Laura A. Hebrock; Tracy E. Hebrock and Laura A. Hebrock, as trustees of the Hebrock Family Revocable Living Trust; and Hebrock Farms, LLLP to Rance and Kelly Baird, 10 parcels in Casey County, $1,430,000.

Ruby D. Roberts to Joshua D. and Jennifer D. Harness, two tracts near Argyle, $7,000.

Sharon K. and Donald W. Elmore to Terrance A. Bolin, tract on Indian Creek Road, $85,000.

Norman and Betty Bastin to Jerry Mullins, tract on Hwy. 78, $47,870.

Gary D. and Betty H. Falconbury to Tin Roof Properties, LLC, parcel on Ragged Ridge Road, $70,000.

David C. Rigney, administrator with will annexed of the estate of Bessie L. Johnson to Ronald B. and Melissa Vaughn, tract in Brookside Heights Subdivision, $46,750.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Ricky J. Denny, individually and as administrator of the estate of Ruth Denny; William H. and Brenda Denny; and Linda G. and Roy D. Floyd to Harold K. Day, tract in Garrard County, $40,150.

Patricia A. Crowe to Charity J. Cravens, four lots on Hamilton Springs Road, $242,900.

Tina M. Wolfe to Luis A. Saenz, property on Sugar Creek Road, $160,000.

Tim P. and Melinda R. Morrow to Steven B. and Deborah J. Wormley, 20.313 acres in Garrard County, $58,000.

Ronnie and Mildred Broadus to John Tudor, 71 acres and 12 poles in Garrard County, $150,000.

Lee G. and Brenda Cobb to Charles J. and Melanie R. Price, 17.259 acre tract and 1.33 acre lot in Garrard County, $118,000.

Betty S. Naylor to Michael G. and Phyllis Swaffer, 12.7 acres in Garrard County, $65,000.

Douglas M. and Karen A. Smith to Wendell C. and Lauren A. Davis, 28.48 acres on Gabbard Road-Deer Valley Road Land Division, $53,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association/Fannie Mae, by and through Jeffrey S. Sherry, senior vice president of Reimer Law Co., its attorney-in-fact to William and Tamma Adkins, property on North Homestead Lane, $175,000.

Jo Ann and Raymond T. Vest to Billie and Frank Brown, Jr., property on Doolin Way Avenue, $45,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Dustin and Leslie Sparrow to Glenda K. Walls, lot in Silver Flats Subdivision, $119,000.

Linda Hagar and Sudelle King, co-executrixes of the Shirley McMullin estate, to Rosa Ross Scotton, lot in Logan Crest Subdivision, located on Ashton Lane, $140,000.

Matthew R. Kremer and Lisette Healy-Kremer to Stephen and Kelly Ann Hunter, two parcels of property on KY Hwy 1770, $260,000.

David K. Everett and Daren T. Everett, co-executors of the Robert D. Everett estate, to Larry W. and Tammy L. French, tract in Baughman Ridge Estates, $95,100.

Keith Duane and Connie Marie Johnson to Jacob R. and Mary H. Eddy, property in Lincoln County, $47,500.

Pennymac Loan Services, LLC, Markus E. Yocum, Jessica M. Yocum, Asset Acceptance, LLC, E.M.H.F.L. Inc., d.b.a. Fort Logan Hospital Rehabilitation Services, and Lendmark Financial Services, LLC, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner to Joseph Darin and Diana Lane, lot in Rosemont Subdivision, Stanford, $44,000.

Michael D. Hardwick to Genia R. Hardwick, a.k.a. Eugenia Rhae Ball Hardwick, 1.97 acres on Edwards Road, outside Crab Orchard, property settlement.

The heirs at law of Connie Henderson, namely Mark and Janilyn Henderson and Darren and Lori Henderson, to Eugenia Rhae Ball Hardwick, two parcels of property in Stanford, beginning at corner of Logan Avenue and Lancaster Street, $135,000.

Willis Lane to Roger Maples, two tracts of land in Hustonville, including lots No. 13, No. 14 and a portion of lot No. 15 fronting on Douglas Avenue and lots No. 11 and No. 12 of Eugene Dunn Addition, $57,500.

Central Bank & Trust Co. to Tommy Owens, approximately 2.14 acres on Portman Avenue, Stanford, $55,000.

Michael Lanham to Jacob Earl and Kaley Erin Sanders, 0.915 acre on KY Hwy 3248 (Carmen’s Lane), $142,000.

Homer Shawn Williams to Rhonda Wilcher Henderson, lot in Hanson Hills Subdivision, $123,000.

Harold B. Upton Jr. to Chris and Nikki Upton, 2.637 acres on Shake Rag Road, $5,000.

George R. Preston to Brandon Wayne and Shannon Leah Holtzclaw, property on Holtzclaw Lane, $97,000.

Raymond C. and Juanita Sims to Jason E. and Jamie Sims, 4.756 acres on Robertstown Road, gift; fair market value, $23,000.

Randy Jay Kennedy to Jerry Lewis and Renta Jean McAninch, two tracts situated off M. Sims Road, $40,000.

Allan Ray Leach, executor of the Victor P. Leach estate, to Caleb J. and Tabitha Ruckel, property on U.S. 127, near Moreland, $69,300.

Richard L. and Diana Cort to Eric J. Nieman, approximately 2.66 acres in Lincoln County, on the waters of Dix River, $987,060.

Gene and Shelby Jean Noe to Daniel and Miriam Ison, 2.004 acres on Ephesus School Road, $22,800.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Otis Knox to Jerry C. and Cleisa F. McCoy, lot in Pebble Brook Subdivision, $75,000.

Judy Pinkston to Kelli and Tommy Dennis, 3.179 acres in Mercer County, $1.00; fair cash value, $23,000.

R & D Enterprises of Kentucky, LLC to Tabitha R. and Gregory J. Crawford, Jr., lot in Quail Run Subdivision, $105,000.

Christopher Whitt, individually and as executor for the estate of John Henry Whitt to Ernest and Shannon Hopkins, lot in Scenic Hill II, $11,382.35.

Philip T. and Melissa H. Ball to Christopher Mongar, property on Spring Lake Drive, $366,000.

Randel Turner to Mark D. and Bonnie F. Harris, 1.005 acres in Mercer County, $123,250.

Wimbledon Holdings, LLC and WRH Investments, LLC to Anna M. Rocca, lot in Castle Heights Subdivision, $115,000.

MidFirst Bank, Joyce A. Million, unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, beneficiaries of Gary L. Million and their unknown creditors, and the unknown executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of Gary L. Million, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to MidFirst Bank, property on Bates Street, $71,495.

Bethel Baptist Church, by and through its trustees, Daryl Walton, Justin Southworth, Glenn Devine, Gary Walton, and Greg Sawyer to Mary P. and Jeff Wilson, 1 acre lot in Mercer County, $128,000.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company, Sharon R. Chesser, Martin L. Chesser, Fifth Third Bank (Central Kentucky), Capital One Bank (USA) and Midland Funding, LLC, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to WRH Investments, LLC and Wimbledon Holdings, LLC, property on Harrods Trace, $80,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, Rob F. Clark, Jr., individually and as co-trustee of the Clark Family Living Trust, Cherie L. Clark, individually and as co-trustee of the Clark Family Living Trust and Discover Bank, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC property on East Lexington Street, $105,000.

Harold L. and Joyce A. Robinson, as co-trustees of the Harold L. Robinson and/or Joyce A. Robinson Revocable Living Trust to Christina McCoy lot in Hanover Manor Subdivision, $105,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank and Cynthia L. McCracken, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to JPMorgan Chase Bank, property on Daviess Street, $33,400.

Kenneth J. and Meshayla D. Doughty to Mary A. Caines, lot in Mary Wood Estates Subdivision, $125,600.

Franklin E. and Barbara Renfro to Ervin and Esther Esh, property on west side of Louisville and Crab Orchard Turnpike Road, $18,000.

MTGLQ Investors, LP to Marc Woods and Annette Gabele, property on Catlett Road, $23,000.

Virgil L. Milton and Mary L. Way to Evan and Johnna Fultz, property on Moberly Road, $52,000.

Tammy Jo and Edward D. Jenkins, Jr. and Cynthia J. and Darrell T. Claunch to Ralph Shuffler, property on High Street in Burgin, $85,000.

Roger Tuggle to Ridgestone Properties, LLC, property in Green Acres Subdivision, $90,000.

Eva D. Butcher, trustee of the Douglas S. Duggins First Party Special Needs Trust to Jess C. and Rosetta F. Devine, 48 acres on Kirkwood Turnpike, $120,000.

Greg A. and Melanie M. Yankey to Joshua L. and Samantha J. Dewitt, two parcels in Mercer County, $415,000.

Lou Ann and Carroll Drury; Norma J. and Charles O. Durham, III; John M. and Gloria White; and Linda C. and Robert C. Green to Christina E. McCoy, property on Maple Street, $58,000.

James E. and Laura M. Reddicks, by and through their attorney-in-fact, Roger D. Carey to William L. and Linda D. Releford, property on West Office Street, $28,000.

Jerry and Phyllis F. Wilson to Beau and Casey Wilson, property on Danville Road, gift, $1.00.

Joshua R. logue and Ashley M. Logue to Franklin Lee Woods, Jr., property on Main Street, Salvisa, $36,000.

Patti Woomer to Robert W. and Isabel C. Ladd, two tracts in Wildwood-By-The Lake, $160,000.

Estate of Clifford Lee Clark, by Sabrina Y. Collins as executrix to Jackie D. Devine, property on Vanarsdall Road, $155,000.

Ella S. and Kevin C. Hale to Daniel S. Barrett, property on Smith Rose Lane, $1.00; fair cash value, $25,000.

Nicholas S. Buntain to Rhonda L. Buntain, property on Bushtown Road, gift; fair cash value, $107,750.

Job Yulee to Andy and Charlotte Harris, lot on Hill Street, $1.00; fair cash value, $5,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Tammy L. Bullock, property on Bohon Road, $22,000.

Timothy R. and Kim D. Fritz to Ronald Sutton, property on Catlett Road, $150,000.