Water colors: Downtown Danville mural painting cut short by weekend weather

Published 6:14 am Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The side of a building in downtown Danville began to burst with color Saturday morning, despite the gloomy weather.

More than 120 adults and children showed up at the side of Raggs’ and Derby Shoppe on Third Street to help paint the contemporary mural designed by Andee Rudloff that was commissioned by The Heart of Danville.

People started painting on the mural at 10 a.m., but were forced to stop at about noon because a light drizzle was causing some of the freshly painted colors to start running down the wall. A few children begged to brush on “token” strokes of paint, which they were allowed to do. But when heavy rain clouds appeared on someone’s smartphone’s radar, all painting stopped for the day.

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In just two hours, though, the mural was already looking colorful.

According to the Heart’s Facebook page, another paint day will be scheduled to finish the project.

“Could be a week before we get to finish it,” the Heart posted. “We’ll update when we know for sure. Thanks to the terrific turnout (Saturday), we got a ton done. Amazing what 120 enthusiastic people can accomplish in two hours.”

Photos by Robin Hart/robin.hart@amnews.com