Change your registration to Republican

Published 6:58 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

After a lifetime of being a Democrat in Boyle County and running as a candidate on the Democratic ticket, I’m walking away from this party … with good reason … and I want you to join me.

“Thank You” to the 100’s that so graciously cast a vote for me in my bid to become your next Boyle-County Judge-Executive. I entered that race to serve the citizens of this county. Born and raised here, I registered as a young Democrat in 1978. I’m an old Democrat now but that changed recently. Let me tell you why.

At a Democratic Party meet and greet, ALL registered candidates were invited to attend and respond to questions from the general public. When Gary and I completed our Q-and-A, we returned to our seats amid a nice round of applause.

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At this point, one of the Democrat magistrates raised a hand and said, “Judge, I’ve got a question for David Reeves.” He then stated he had “heard a rumor” that I didn’t plan to be a full-time judge, but would only show up to sign checks. I walked back to the front of the room and addressed the magistrate but as I approached the moderator, he refused to hand me the mic and said, “Folks, we gotta move on.”

I was shocked at this blatant display of unprofessionalism as this “rumor” likely started at a corner table in our local McDonalds. My party did not allow me to rebut a direct and personal attack in this very public forum. This staged question was designed to intentionally damage my campaign as I was not the chosen candidate by the “good ole boys.” It was in this moment I realized that the party I had been a part of for over 40 years was no longer my party.

Several others spoke to me after the event and expressed dismay at the way things were handled. They also assured me they had no prior knowledge this staged attack would occur. To those that were supportive after the event I say “Thank You.”

Wake up citizens of Boyle County! It’s time for change in your courthouse. This begins by change of registration, please consider to register (R), I will be voting Republican Nov. 6, I urge you to do the same. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support,

David Alan Reeves

Boyle County