Keep current Danville commissioners

Published 6:17 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

During my 27 years in Danville, the city has blossomed. The Community Arts Center, McDowell Wellness Center, the Dollhouse Museum, and BCTC arrived. Millenium Park sprang into being, and Jackson and Weisiger Parks had facelifts. The library underwent a fabulous renovation, and Centre College expanded. Flowers and lively banners greet visitors downtown, where colorful storefronts boast restaurants and shops.

Regarding quality of life, our new treatment plant will provide clean water for generations. A fire station with updated equipment breaks ground soon. We enjoy a great hospital, newspaper and recreational programs, trails and facilities.     

Having attended city commission meetings for nearly two years, I’d like to share my firsthand observations of the people advancing this growth.

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Commissioner Rick Serres attends more arts, recreation and civic events than any other individual I know in Danville. He organizes and participates in sports and athletic activities, connects with residents and listens. His “can-do” attitude, accessibility and support for good ideas encourages citizen involvement.

Commissioner James Atkins has a long, successful history as teacher and principal in the Danville schools and on the faculty of Centre College. Now retired, he volunteers to orchestrate arts and education programs at the schools and in the community. He informs the city about the progress of school children, about African-American achievements, and of the needs of our elderly citizens. He stands up for people.

Commissioner Denise Terry brings the practical know-how of a businesswoman, asking good questions, requesting that issues be clarified and voting her conscience. We need women on the commission and Commissioner Terry has proven leadership capability.

Kevin Caudill is the most experienced commissioner, and he brings a historical perspective and understanding of where Danville has been and where it is going. He understands the processes; listens analytically; and considers both the underlying issues and their ramifications for the future. We are lucky to have had him for so many years.   

The current city commissioners — and the mayor, running unopposed — have strengthened the city in many more ways than mentioned here. Each commissioner brings a unique set of experiences and talents to this effective team. All have stellar attendance records, and together they consider the issues, weigh the costs, and usher in positive growth. I am eager to see them carry on their outstanding work. Please support these excellent representatives on Nov. 6. 

Lori Kagan-Moore