Write in Coffey for state legislature

Published 6:16 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Are you tired of the games being played in Frankfort? Do you support our teachers and our public schools? Would you like to see honesty and integrity return to state government?

If the answer is yes, then there is no better choice for our state representative in the 54th Congressional District than Lydia Coffey, write-in candidate.

Lydia is a dedicated citizen and educator in her hometown, Liberty. She has demonstrated that dedication again and again throughout her life and career.

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Not only did she teach in the public schools for 27 years, she also served as Chair of the Educational Professional Standards Board. Because of her experience in working to improve school standards, Lydia understands what is required to have quality schools and she is prepared to fight for this in the state legislature. She traveled to Frankfort last year, again and again, to stand up for teacher rights and public education. She has also demonstrated an in-depth understanding of other issues before the legislature, such as tax reform.

Her work with others in her community has included leadership in numerous organizations, including Habitat for Humanity. In all of these roles, she has shown her devotion to community and the public good. She has demonstrated that she values collaboration in decision making and developing effective solutions. Lydia will bring that devotion to the job of state representative.

Lydia is just what we need — someone who will work hard and collaboratively to make a difference in Kentucky. I will be writing Lydia Coffey’s name on the ballot on Nov. 6. I hope you will join me.

Linda Porter