Hardin for Boyle County jailer

Published 6:55 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

On Nov. 6, the citizens of Boyle County will have the opportunity to elect a new jailer. That candidate is LeeRoy Hardin. This position requires someone capable of interacting with inmates and treating them fairly because in all they aren’t all bad people, just down on their luck. LeeRoy has served this county for 23 years as a public servant in law enforcement and served as our sheriff.

During his time as the sheriff of Boyle County, he operated a $12 million budget, met with fiscal court, and made sure that our tax dollars were utilized efficiently and effectively, all while seeing we as citizens were protected. I have known LeeRoy all of my life and he has always treated people with the utmost respect and kindness. He is a leader that doesn’t judge where someone came from, their political affiliation, or the town or city they live in. These skills will be vital in his role as jailer.

The job isn’t over when the criminal is placed in a cell. They need guidance and mentoring to ensure that they don’t end up right back where they started. They also need an environment that is caring and be surrounded by officers that want to help them stay on the straight and narrow. I know that LeeRoy will not only do his job, but he will put the right tools in place to ensure they do become rehabilitated and stay out of jail saving the taxpayers money.

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I ask that you join me on Nov. 6 and cast your vote for LeeRoy Hardin to be our next Boyle County Jailer.

Jeff Walls