Ellis ready to represent all as magistrate

Published 6:15 am Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Come early January 2019 it will be my honor to be sworn in as your first-district magistrate on the Boyle County Fiscal Court. Humbled by their work, I must first thank my campaign team. They’re truly dedicated folks who worked tirelessly and now look forward to playing a part — as we hope you will, in all upcoming fiscal court proceedings.

Secondly, I am deeply grateful to all the voters who supported me in the election. And finally I am committed to work to the best of my ability for all citizens in our county. Our 2019 fiscal court, with members old and new, will be working in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

The issues and concerns that we will be addressing the moment we convene next year are serious and many. To achieve the goals of our constituents countywide, we must work as a team — listening intently to all who provide input. We will be researching each issue on its merits, digging deep into every aspect of governing. In all cases we will move with caution, always with an eye on outcomes in favor of human needs and sound financial management.

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Every court decision will require a keen eye on responsible spending. Your hard-earned tax dollars deserve our greatest attention. While appreciating every need brought before our entire body, finite dollars will compete against infinite demands.

Please be with us as we begin our work in January. We invite all who can come to fiscal court meetings. Our success on your behalf will always entail input from you.

Tom V. Ellis