Property transfers, Dec. 27

Published 7:17 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Lydia C. Kendrick to Kaitlyn R. Bryant, Darrell Bryant and Phyllis B. Bryant, lot in Indian Hills Subdivision, $109,500.

Scott and Victoria Weldon to Cindy H. and Timothy D. Blevins, lot in Bluegrass Estates Subdivision, $282,000.

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Rhoda Elkins to Cynthia B. Arnold, lot in Huntington Creek Subdivision, $145,000.

Khursheed Siddiqui and Sheba Siddiqui, trustees of the Siddiqui Family Trust to S & K Real Estate, LLC, lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $639,000.

Jurgen G. Stephan to Prayat Poudel and Margaret McAdams, four lots in Hillcrest Subdivision, $143,500.

Pattie C. King to Rebekah C. King, 1.678 acre tract in Boyle County, gift; fair market value, $175,000.

Elizabeth A. Walker to Joseph R. and Sharon Schibik, two lots on Linda Avenue, $157,000.

Rodmon C. King and Sarah L. Berry to Rockelle Holcomb and Cameron Ward, lot in Green Acres Subdivision, $209,000.

Michael Craighead to Benedicta Alamo, lot in Lakedale Subdivision, property settlement.

James and Amy L. Turpin to Jeff and Debbie Baker, lot in Foxgate Subdivision, $15,500.

James and Amy L. Turpin to Jeff and Debbie Baker, lot in Foxgate Subdivision, $15,500.

Bluegrass.Org, Inc. to New Vista Real Estates Holdings, LLC, property on High Street, for purpose of serving as a real estate holding company for all real property currently held and use by Grantor.

Garry R. and Kim K. Gooch to John L. Baron, lot in Old Bridge Subdivision, $33,000.

Candace L. and Christopher Wentz to Mary Carol M. and Mark L. Porter, lot in Candlewood Estates Subdivision, $164,000.

Ronald O. Ballard, executor of estate of Gregory Kirk Ballard to Mark D. and Tara L. Springate, 14.309 acre tract in Boyle County, $278,000.

Jodi H. and R. Wigham Arnold, Jr. to Benjamin E. and Rebecca B. Fuqua, property on Alta Avenue, $133,000.

Gregory W. Cass, as executor of the estate of Mitchell L. Cass, William S. Cass, and Richard S. Cass to Gregory W. Cass, lot in Bluegrass Trace, gift; fair market value, $165,000.

New Homes By Harpe, LLC to Christina B. Garcia, two tracts in Boyle County, $195,000.

Sallie M. Donaldson, individually, and as attorney-in-fact for Herbert C. Donaldson to Banks Properties, LLC, two lots in Reid Subdivision, $39,000.

Woody W. and Amy J. Fairchild to Andrew G. Lay, property on Hustonville Road, $105,000.

Boyle County, Kentucky to The City of Perryville, tract of land lying on south side of US 150 and west side of US 68, transfer; property value, $80,000.

Robert H. Mitchell, Sr. to Anthony A. and Anne E. Nagy, 17.670 acre tract of the Robert Mitchell Property, $22,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Donna K. and David R. Johnson to Hollis R. and Jenny Mae Tucker, tract on south side of Allen Street, $33,000.

Ricky Ray Lee to Fabiola M. Mejia and Rocael H. Ramos, 1.40 acres in Casey County, $8,000.

Ricky Lee, executor of last will and testament of Raymond Elsie Lee to Fabiola M. Mejia and Rocael H. Ramos, 1.02 acres on Margaret’s Drive, $45,000.

Karen A. and Randall L. Roy to Floridalma R. Nolasco, parcel on north side of Henson Ridge Road, $8,500.

Alan E. Smither and Sandra Kay Soderman and Victor B. and Sally L. Smither to Sarah R. Bear, loy in Wedgewood Estates Subdivision.

Karen A. and Randall L. Roy to Jauhnell Andrews, lot on Blevins Road, $9,000.

Cora L. Hamilton to David L. Hamilton, 9.204 acres in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $125,000.

Kathy McDonald-Choate and Marion “Ken” Choate to George A. Hudgins, parcel on west side of Lower Byrant Ridge Road, $40,000.

Della Haggard to Iris Shuee, property in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $8,000.

Beckham and Roma J. Williams to Gregory J. Landis and Debbie D. Grabow, property on 501, Kings Mountain, $105,500.

Christina C. and Matthew Lawhorn, Samuel Cooper, Anthony Cooper and Amanda Cooper to Christina C. and Matthew Lawhorn, two parcels in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $5,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Dezra L. Harvey to Mary Begley, lot in Ponderosa Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $24,000.

Mark and Linda Chandler to Howard and Teresa Ragland, lot in Camp Dick Acres Subdivision,$22,900.

Kelli L. and David S. Padgett to Keenan Goss and Lisa Weese, lot in Tanyard Estates Subdivision, $172,000.

Ryan L. Hilliard, executor of the estate of Cary E. Hilliard to Jonathon R. and Bryanna E. David, lot in Colt’s Run Estates, $167,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

James D. and Riki D. Turner to Nathanael R. and Judith F. Eby, approximately 13.523 acres in Lincoln County, $53,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot in Shiloh Place Development, located on Spring Drive; fair market value, $124,000.

Monticello Banking Company to Bill and Tammy Lake, two tracts of land on Gilbert’s Creek Road, including lot of Odessa Wade Subdivision, $26,400.

Marvin & Noel Land Company, LLC, to Ronald L. and Carolyn S. Sutton, tract in Sycamore Ridge Subdivision, containing 3.625 acres, $45,000.

Mildred McCowan and John Crow to Michael R. and Barbara Humphrey, property in Lincoln County, $120,000.

Gregory E. and Yolanda Smith to James K. Adams, lot in Broughtontown Estates, $54,000.

Katherine Dunaway, executrix for the estate of Nancy M. Dunaway to Dale and Daphne Blevins, lot in Forest Hills Subdivision, $50,000.

Patrick and Jennifer Sanders and Theresa Long, formerly Theresa Bartlett, to Jordan and Jesslyn Brianne Kelsey, lot in Dix River Estates Subdivision, $210,000.

Angela Nicole and James Everitt Hunt Jr. to Christine Hebrock, lot in Wilson Subdivision, Waynesburg, $95,000.

Edwina K. Skipper to Sterling L. Skipper, 0.581 acre on Lily Street, Stanford, property settlement.

Bradley Shane and LeeAnn Smith to Gary Gann Hicks, 0.70 acre on KY 78 (Main Street), Hustonville, $153,500.

The Bank of New York Mellon, Gary W. Witt, Janice Witt, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Lincoln, and Ephraim McDowell Health Resources, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner to Irvin & Irvin, LLC, tract in Charles Tackett Subdivision, located on Crawford’s Lane, $82,000.

Jack and Sara Jacobs to Braxston Elias Scott Miller, property on Maywood Road, $248,000.

Robinson and Cristal Snow to 21st Mortgage Corporation, property on KY 681, deed in lieu of foreclosure, balance owed on note is $82,317.57.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Todd O. and Maria C. Claunch to Luis and Mayra Osoy, lot in Walnut Hills Addition, $62,000.

James Harrods Trust, Inc. to Tracey Crager and Sue Manley, lot on North Main Street, $55,000.

R & D Enterprises of Kentucky, LLC to Logan Reed, .22 acre tract of the R & D Enterprises of Kentucky LLC Property, $25,000.

Larry D. Harmon, individually and as co-executor of the estate of William D. Harmon, Kitty Hall-Harmon, and Billie Sue Harmon, individually and as co-executor of the estate of William D. Harmon to Nancy Anne Hill, property on Cane Run Street, $117,400.

Willis Lee Gregg, by and through his heirs, Kevin Lee Gregg and Michelle Thompson to Stanley and Angie Patton, property on Cummins Ferry Pike, $9,000.

Laney E. and Susan Akers to Pamela and Sam Sadler, two tracts in/near Bellows Mill Estates, $100,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Sheila G. Bryant, Walter C. Bryant, OneMain Home Equity, Inc., by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, property on Harvey Pike, $89,900.