Thanks to fiscal courts for giving jail employees raises

Published 6:15 pm Thursday, January 17, 2019

In reference to your article Jan. 17, jail employees raises. I would like to personally thank the new Boyle County Fiscal Court for supporting the raises for our Boyle County full-time jail employees.

In my opinion they have done a great job in proceeding with this effort to attempt to bring our detention center employees pay up closer to other detention center employees in the state. I think Magistrate Cullen said it best, “They have kept us out of trouble for many years and done a great job being short-handed for several years.”

I would also like to thank the Mercer County Fiscal Court for also supporting this very important issue. I think it shows both fiscal courts have a very good working relationship and both see the need to bring our employees’ pay more in line with the pay study we completed a few years ago, especially since our detention center employees do not receive hazardous duty pay like most other detention centers in the state.

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I am especially pleased to see that both courts will take up this issue in the upcoming budget and attempt to get the other 50 cents that was requested earlier.

Thanks to both fiscal courts.

Jack Hendricks