Boyle students get creative juices flowing in writing class

Published 6:29 pm Monday, March 4, 2019

Editor’s note: This week’s From Our Schools content from Boyle County High School consists of short pieces and poems written by students taking a creative writing class.

Greer has a passion for creative writing


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Boyle County High School

The creative writing class at Boyle County High School is filled with many talented and gifted writers. One in particular is sophomore Anessa Greer, who teacher Leigh Koch identifies as a standout.

Greer enrolled in the class this academic year because of her unbelievable passion for writing and love for creating stories. Her exposure to writing at an early age has enabled her to develop into one of the best in the classroom.

Creative writing for Greer began at an earlier age than most, as she began penning her own original pieces while in the fourth grade. Her motivation came from her grandmother who supported and encouraged experimentation in writing.

“My grandma is a teacher and I lived with her my whole life up until a few years ago. Living in that type of environment and having that kind of inspiration is what pushed me to read and write at an early age.”

Now in a high school classroom, Greer has grown even more as a writer. “My writing has definitely improved by taking this class. I’ve discovered different ways to deal with writer’s block and how to stay more focused.”

Greer enjoys being able to take what she is feeling and then develop a story about it. “My favorite thing about writing is the fact that I can put what I’m feeling down on paper, and turn it into a story. I love being able to create characters that I absolutely fall in love with.”

Greer aspires to keep her audience engaged with suspense. “My style of writing is more mysterious with a fear factor. I like writing stories that keep the readers on the edge of their seat. My stories usually end in an unexpected way; I think that’s more fun.

“Writing brings me so much joy, and I am so happy that I ended up taking creative writing. It has helped me develop into a skilled writer and has taught me more about what I love to do!”


My Great Aunt’s Favorite



Boyle County High School

Butterscotch. My Great Aunt’s favorite. Christine would always offer my sister and I a butterscotch candy when we came to see her. From a brown woven basket, that heavily sat on her bedside table.

She would reach over with her frail, aged hand and grab a handful. My sister and I swear up and down that she would grab a gazillion candies at a time, although her basket would stay full.

Unaffected by us kids sneaking and taking a few. Christine would always put others before herself. If there was one candy left, she would offer it up to any stranger.

A kind heart results in a happy ending. Usually. But this time is different. Last week, I went to see her, and Christine said to me, “Ness, don’t ever forget who you are.” And then she offered me a candy. Today, I’m going to her funeral.

That’s how life works. Sometimes, candy isn’t as sweet as you think it is.


Teacher encourages exploration of feelings in writing


Boyle County High School

Students attending BCHS have an opportunity to schedule a class that helps them improve their writing skills outside of regular essays and assignments.

English instructor Leigh Koch happily volunteered to teach a creative writing class with hopes of inspiring students to explore more emotional writing. Koch encourages students to examine their feelings as they create mock tabloid pieces, one-page stories, writings based on one word, and a large variety of poems.

She takes pleasure in teaching the class, as students can enjoy the opportunity to improve their writing without the stress of an assessment.

“They just get to come in and write in a way that they don’t normally get to. I just love seeing them relax and enjoy and connect with each other,” she said. “People oftentimes discount creative writing in the world we live in today, but the reality is that writing in all kinds of different aspects makes you a better writer. I started out as an over-flowery creative writer and then majored in journalism at UK. I learned to meld the two sides — the creative and the factual — and it transformed my writing.

“I want that same kind of experience for my students, so I always tell my creatively driven students to take a journalism class, and my academic, fact-focused students to take a creative writing class. The melding of the two sides produces amazing writers.”


Sleepy Sunday in Danville

By Alaysia Ortiz


The light posts in town all die out, going to sleep as the sun comes up.

Somewhere in there, a young girl sleeps, the bed supporting her small weight as she dreams.

The daylight peeks through the blinds, calling to the people and opening their eyes.

The town slowly comes alive and ushers people inside

The church by the bakery rings its bells and plays the organ

The statue in the square attracts birds and cyclists

Cars zoom past all with specific destinations

Fancy church dresses fly off their hangers and the bakery opens its doors with glee.

But in this small town, when church lets out, a little girl smiles happily.

It just so happens that holding a donut, that little girl was me.




Boyle County High School


Blue used to be my favorite color

Now it’s all I feel anymore

Like a blur of ocean tears

Trying to churn away regrets

And me trying to leave thoughts of you with the current

Now you’re here

And I’m trying to break away

But out of all those colors I had

Blue was the one that never broke

And so

It is truth

That sadness never leaves

Not when I am a haunted house

Empty and creaking

The swing set outside is void of laughter

The fireplace is cold

The sink keeps dripping

The bathtub has a ring of rust and the floor has fallen through

But I’m all alone

All alone with this Picasso of jumbled emotions and fleeting feelings

It is the worst when I now realize I never loved you

I never loved anyone





Boyle County High School

Happiness is that lingering silence over your head that surrounds your mind.

It is that perfect room temperature that encases your body, the smile on your face that seems to be causing your slightly cracking lips to tingle.

It is pulling the brush, the pen, the pencil across the paper.

It is creating an image that will look different to every soul.

Happiness is the swift breeze drying the wet paint into place.

Happiness is a following of a past soul touching yours in just the right way that it pushes your eyelids closed as you take a breath in.

It is extended euphoria, nourished veins, fulfilled dreams, and full stomachs.