EDP invites Junction to get more involved

Published 7:39 pm Friday, March 15, 2019

Representatives from the Economic Development Partnership invited members of the Junction City Council to take a more active role with the organization during Thursday night’s council meeting.

EDP President and CEO Jody Lassiter, and the EDP board’s vice chair, Marty Gibson, were introduced to the council by Steve Knight, the Junction City representative on the EDP board and a member of the executive committee. Lassiter and Gibson gave the council a brief overview of what the organization has been working on and about the transition of a new partnership agreement.

Lassiter handed out pages of information about the EDP and its four main committees — executive, workforce development, marketing and recruitment, and asset development.

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“If you have any interest in serving on any of those committees … I’d like for you to take advantage of joining us and helping us with that work,” he said.

Lassiter said if council members get involved, the EDP will “know better what we need to be doing in Junction City to help you.”

The EDP had been involved with two new projects that located in Junction City, Lassiter said — Kentucky Athletics LLC, which is a multi-sports recreation center and event venue; and Nubreed Academy, a basketball training program.

Gibson told the council, “Thank you all for your leadership in leading the city of Junction.” He added, “We would love to hear from you guys more often. Or if you have questions or wondering what we’re doing, you’re invited to any of our meetings, any of our committee meetings. You’re welcome to serve on any of those if you choose.”

In other business

Police Chief Merl Baldwin said the city’s two Blessing Boxes, located in front of city hall and in front of The Church on School Street were “running a little low.” The boxes are stocked with donated, non-perishable food items for people in the community to take to help stretch their food budgets.

Baldwin said the city sometimes uses money from a small account it set up with donations from the public to buy food for the boxes, but individuals are also welcome put in their food donations whenever they want to.

“We’re obligated to the citizens” to make sure the boxes always contain food for the taking, Baldwin said.

Council member Bill McCowan questioned if Danville Water Department charges Junction City more than it does Danville water and sewer customers. “Is that legal?” he asked.

Baldwin said he and his wife were shocked when they received a water bill for more than $1,500. He said the water department discovered it was a clerical mistake made when a meter in his neighborhood had to be “read by hand” instead of scanned. Every customer’s bills were affected by the mistake, Baldwin said. He was able to get his bill adjusted to less than $200, he told the council. “How many people just go ahead and pay that? What if it’s a corporate account … like the Dollar Store? They’ll pay it and go on without anybody checking,” Baldwin said.

Mayor Douglas said he was looking into what was causing the high bills. “When I know more, I’ll say more,” Douglas said.