Paper still accepted at Boyle recycling center

Published 7:44 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2019

All types of paper are still being accepted at the Boyle County Recycle Center despite the recent decline in companies that purchase the materials, said Boyle County Solid Waste Management Director Angie Muncy.

Lexington announced last month that it suspended accepting paper at its recycling centers because of the lack of companies buying bales of paper, Muncy said. “In my opinion, I think it was the wrong move because recycling is a habit. It’s a good habit.”

Even though right now it’s getting harder for her to find buyers for paper, the county has collected, Muncy said. “We’ll have to wait it out.”

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The recycled paper market’s supply and demand goes up and down, Muncy said. “It’s like coal mining.”

All paper coming into the recycling center, like magazines, newspapers, envelopes and advertisements is sorted now, Muncy said. White computer paper is the “good paper” and will bring in more money per pound, eventually, she added.

The staff at the recycling center doesn’t expect people to sort their discarded paper into piles of computer and notebook paper from all the rest. But they do ask that all paper be put into plastic shopping sacks in order to help keep it dry. “Once it’s wet, it becomes trash,” Munch said.

“I’ve never told anyone to not recycle paper,” Muncy said. “Nothing has changed here. … We’re not Lexington.”