From our files, July 27

Published 8:15 pm Friday, July 26, 2019

100 YEARS AGO — 1919

The Mercer County Fair will start on July 28  with the Metropolitan Carnival Company. They will be coming to town on their own train. It will be open day and night. Shows include Jack Grizzle’s Real Wild West show; a $20,000 electric galloping horse carousel ablaze with a thousand lights; giant Eli Ferris Wheel; Prof. Antonia Passafiume’s Royal Italian Band; Prof. Silas Elliott and his Jazz Jammers; Barfield’s Original Georgia Minstrels; Wolff’s Circus sideshow filled with strange freaks and curiosities gathered from the earth’s four corners; Underground Chinatown which is a reproduction of San Francisco’s famous underworld city of vice and mystery; Trip to Mars which is an elaborate device designed for laughing purposes only; Marsola, the strange Aztec maiden from far off Yucatan; McMyers’ Museum of Wonders with live freaks of nature.

A gentleman on a visit to Junction City recently threw away a cigar stump and a hungry young drake swallowed it and was a dead drake in an hour. So boys, let cigars and tobacco alone or you will surely die of nicotine poison like this foolish drake. Ten years from now tobacco will be prohibited like liquors are now.

Parks Place, the new ice cream parlor on Main Street, opened and large crowds have been in the store all day. The store was decorated with beautiful flowers and palms. Music was furnished in the afternoon by the Danville orchestra.

75 YEARS AGO — 1944

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A mid-summer ice cream festival for the benefit of the future Catholic school in Danville will be held Tuesday evening at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church.

The Danville Chamber of Commerce has a committee hoping to present to a state commission on the advantages for Danville to have one of the five state tuberculosis hospitals proposed for Kentucky.

In an order signed by Federal Judge H. Church Ford, of Lexington, the federal government was granted immediate possession of 6.24 acres of land in Garrard, Boyle and Marion counties, needed in the construction of the Texas-West Virginia natural gas pipeline from Corpus Christi, Texas to Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Private Roy E. Carey of Moreland is a firefighter with an Eighth Air Force Liberator group at a station in England, which was cited for distinguished and outstanding service in 10 combat missions over Europe. The group, commanded by Col. Irvine A. Rendle, recently made its 100th mission in support of the initial landings by Allied forces in France.

50 YEARS AGO — 1969

Since July 1 the Danville city government has been operating under an annual budget of $690,500, although anticipated revenue to support the budget amounts to only $503,400. This means that the city is slipping into the red at the rate of $513 per day, and at the end of business today, the accumulated deficit since July 1 was $14,364.

Two dollars in pennies and a carton of cigarettes were the only articles missing from the Viaduct Gulf Service Station on Perryville Road following a break-in.

A surprise cookout was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chandler on Orchard Drive by members of the Boy Scout Troop No. 208 in honor of their Scoutmaster, Donald Warren. Those attending were Mike Walker, Kenny Merriman, Richard Fowler, Morris Bryant, John Brown, David Coffman, Gary Ahern, Darrell Swain, Bobby Woodward, David Stephenson, Eddie Singleton, Ronnie Sharp, Paul Jones, Mike Gordon, Kenny Young, Victor VanArsdale, Bennie Lunsford and Alan and Jimmy Chandler.

25 YEARS AGO — 1994

The Boyle County Jail needs to increase its staff so it can have three deputy jailers on duty for each shift. The cost for meeting the guideline would add about $32,000 a year to the jail budget, which is now $582,597.

A judge may have straightened out the border between Lincoln and Boyle counties, but still to be straightened out is where students in the new area will go to school. It is estimated that 52 Boyle County students now live in Lincoln County. Lincoln County officials estimate the number could be as high as 65.

The Heart of Danville has announced the theme for the 1994 parade, which will be held Dec. 2. “Lighting Up a Life for Christmas” was picked to show how the community can give to others. Heart of Danville director Marnie Gregory hopes the advance notice will give local groups, businesses and organizations plenty of time to come up with ideas for floats.