Letter: Be sure to vote on Nov. 5

Published 3:09 pm Monday, October 21, 2019

From Brad Godbey, president of Boyle County Farm Bureau, Danville —

During the most recent primary election, approximately 20 percent of registered voters exercised their right to vote. In the 2015 general election, less than a third of the registered voters turned out to vote.

Here in Boyle County, only 21.8% voted in the 2019 primary election. We believe we can and must do better!

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This year’s general election is being held on Nov. 5. No matter your party or politics, voting for the candidates that you believe will do the best job representing you is the most important job you can do on election day.

On Nov. 5, we will be electing our governor, commissioner of agriculture, and other constitutional officers. Members of Boyle County Farm Bureau are asking each of you to get to know the candidates and make an informed choice about who deserves your vote.

Many key issues are facing Kentucky, so it is critically important we elect officials who understand the importance of agriculture and the issues confronting our communities.

Your vote makes a difference. When elected officials know that its citizens are engaged and participate in the democratic process, it holds those officials accountable.

Join with me and the Boyle County Farm Bureau board of directors on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and vote!