Letter: Grace Café feeds the soul

Published 6:33 am Friday, November 29, 2019

From Quentin Scholtz, Danville —

Grace Café is a wonderfully inclusive restaurant that, as a Christian, causes me to focus again on the importance of the table. When raising our children, we all ate together, because it was in eating together that we often learned what was going on with the other members of the family. Of course, when they left for college, that ended but Becky and I still manage to eat together at least two meals a day.

We have found that sharing our table with others is a wonderful way of hospitality. We sit across from each other and look into each other’s eyes and even another’s eyes ‘speak’ to us. That is how Jesus got to know his mother and earthly father, brothers and sisters. Sitting at the table, He got to know His disciples, and He could picture the great banquet table in Heaven. In reading the Gospels it is clear that:

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Jesus, Himself, wanted friends to dine with. It was there that He spoke of “one another” (John 13). That is community. He also recognized that when others join Him at the table, He brings unexpected gifts for them to the table (Luke 24:28-31) to share with them.

We also note that in the hospitality that Jesus gave, He invited others who were different from Him to join Him at the table (Matthew 9:10). Why? Because we see people from a different point of view. We often know them from their family lineage, by their power, position, race, religion, political persuasion, socio-economic status or sexual orientation, but Jesus saw each of them as people of equal value, all whom God created. That is also the reason that He would join Zacchaeus at his home (Luke 19:5). Sitting at the table with Zacchaeus changed Zacchaeus’ life.

As a Christian, my faith might be different from another who sits at the table with me, yet it is my faith that encourages me to sit at that table with others who may be friends, family or even those who I do not know.

And so, when I join others at Grace Café, I have the opportunity once again to listen, laugh and love. I do feast with joy and leave not only feeding the body but also my soul. I am so thankful.