Doesn’t want simultaneous green lights and walk signals

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I am writing to you concerning the crosswalks at Third and Main in Danville.

On Nov. 1 of this year a very special friend of mine, Sue Cleveland, was hit and killed at this intersection because the crosswalk signal was out of sync with the streetlights. There were numerous witnesses to this event. Sue watched the crosswalk sign and assumed it was safe to cross … it wasn’t.

The following week while walking downtown, I witness two KY highway trucks parked at the intersection (in front of the “Hub”) with the large stainless steel traffic light/crosswalk signal light control box open. One man was making adjustments inside the box while other state highway employees were monitoring the various lights.

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I was pleased to see that this death trap was being attended to.

Just this afternoon (Dec. 9) I was stopped at the red light going north on Third. I noticed when the white “OK to cross” light came on and I made a decision to watch it until it turned red again.  My red street light turned green — the white OK to cross light stayed on for a full 10 seconds until it changed to red. I couldn’t believe my eyes! So I crossed Main and went around the block on Broadway and Lexington so I could approach the intersection going south on Third. I approached the intersection while the traffic light was red, the white “OK to cross” light came on, then my light turned green — again the white “OK to cross “ light stayed white for 10 seconds before changing to red!

Still a death trap.

This issue has been discussed at a Danville City Council meeting and with Mr Cassell, city engineer.

Can you please see to it that this situation is rectified?

John Wynd