Boyle constable, Garrard PD offers free delivery of necessities during pandemic 

Published 5:33 pm Thursday, March 26, 2020


A local constable has decided to use any free time he has to help others who are particularly vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Boyle County Constable Timothy Gooch, elected by District 6, has been delivering food and will pick up medicines for those who are inside during the health crisis. 

“Constables get a lot of bad, negative publicity about things, when actually they are a big help to Kentucky — especially rural counties,” Gooch said. “So I’m just trying to do things … to do good by my district and help my voters, and the rest of the voters of Boyle County.” 

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Gooch’s district includes the communities of Streamland, Lannock, and parts of Lexington and Maple avenues, but he said he will bring food or pick up medicines for anyone in Boyle County. 

“People need medicine and food. I put it on my Facebook page, where most reach out to me on, and my number is there, since so many are on social media,” he said. He is also attempting to get anyone who can to donate food for delivery. 

Gooch said any canned foods and toiletry items are always needed. 

“Also, if anyone is out-of-town or out-of-state, and wants someone to check in on elderly family members, I can do that, too. Will do a welfare check. The elderly are the ones that will need help during these times. Hopefully we’ll be able to help some families, too, during the downtime.” 

Gooch said he will pick up any items anyone is willing to donate if they contact him. 

“I’d love to have people who would like to help volunteer, too, to deliver, get a good drive going.” Gooch said there’s new social media groups set up for COVID-19 related issues. He’s seen where the group in Rockcastle County has been going out to area gas stations and disinfecting surfaces, door knobs and gas pump handles. 

 “As far as donations, we really need toiletries and any fresh meat people can donate. That’s the biggest needs, food and toiletries.” 

While anyone is volunteering, Gooch said they will continue to practice the recommended social-distancing. 

Gooch is a nurse practitioner who worked in the emergency room for 18 years. “I certainly understand how biological germs work, have had a lot of training and knowledge on it. And hand sanitizer, if anyone wants to donate — I can use that for myself. Seems like you can’t find that these days.” 

Public Health Director Brent Blevins said as long as groups like this forming “are doing the best they can to protect the person delivering and receiving,” he’s all for it. 

“If they need to wear PPE (personal protective equipment), that would work. It’s as easy as them sitting down whatever they’re delivering on a porch and step back and the person comes out to get it. Social distance, and soap and water on the hands,” Blevins said. 

He said the rate of transmission of the virus cases is pretty low in those instances. 

“Obviously, someone who’s sick shouldn’t be delivering. Most of the times, it’s healthy people who are delivering — helping to take care of a need in their community, and that is great,” he said, because it helps to keep others who are more compromised by the virus inside and safe. 

“As long as they can do the best they can to maintain social distance, not go inside the home, all of the safety precautions.”

So far, Gooch said four different households have taken him up on his offer to bring them food. “I delivered to a family with an autistic daughter the other day — they didn’t have any food. They were very grateful,” he said. He also continues to check on his neighbors, he said, throughout the crisis. 

Aside from bringing donated food to homes that request it, Gooch said if someone makes an online order at a grocery store and can’t get out to pick it up, he can do that too. 

Gooch can be reached at (859) 319-8487, or by contacting him through the Boyle County Constable Office District 6 Facebook page. 


Garrard PD gets in on deliveries 


On March 23, the Garrard County Police Department, in conjunction with local pharmacies, began offering free delivery of prescription medication to patients over 60 years old, to anywhere in Garrard County. 

“This is part of an effort to encourage our most vulnerable to stay indoors during this time,” said Garrard County Judge-Executive John Wilson. Citizens who are interested in using the service should call (859) 792-7147 for more information. 

Wilson said the initiative was put into place thanks to help from Scott Graham with Sutton’s Pharmacy, David Fligor with Med-Save Pharmacy and Garrard Police Chief Tevis Graham, all whom he said “helped make this happen logistically.”

Wilson said the local pharmacies have been amazing to work with. Some people have had prescriptions who are in other towns, and they’ve helped to transfer them over so that local officers can pick them up for them. 

Wilson asks the public to help the department spread the word to anyone who needs the service.