Boyle crew did great on Bluegrass Pike

Published 10:09 am Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Danville and Boyle County have a large number of bicyclists, most of whom take advantage of the county’s many paved roads (especially Bluegrass Pike) to ride and enjoy the county’s scenic countryside. I am one of them. It is almost impossible to ride out Bluegrass, whatever day or time, without encountering other cyclists. 

My first ride of the year, made a week ago, was on my larger and heavier hybrid bike, which has fatter tires with lower air pressure. This past Saturday, however, I ventured out for my second ride of the season on my smaller, lighter racing or road bike, whose tires are very thin but also under very high pressure. 

A drawback to that is the fact that there are many places along Bluegrass Place that are in bad shape. Big holes or elongated ruts in the pavement lie in wait to ambush cyclists. Over the years, the road department has merely filled the holes and brought at least temporary relief; however, very quickly the holes seem to open up again.

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Yesterday, however, when I ventured out for my second ride of the season, to my delight, I found that one of the very worst sections of the road, which lies about a half mile or more from Dry Branch Church at the Mercer County line, had been paved over from side to side and for its entire length. It was not a mere filling of holes. The ride was smooth and delightful. I wish to thank the Boyle County road crew for doing that. 

Milton Scarborough