Frankfort group praises Beshear’s leadership during pandemic

Published 2:24 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2020

We are proud and grateful for Gov. Andy Beshear’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. His first instinct is, and always has been, the protection of Kentucky citizens and concern for their well-being. His daily briefings have been marked by honesty and calm compassion as he presents the developments of this disease in Kentucky and the efforts to combat its deadly attacks.
Therefore, it is baffling to see some of our citizens take to the streets and the courts to oppose his very appropriate actions. Because of Gov. Beshear’s quick response at the beginning of this pandemic, Kentucky has lower numbers of cases and deaths than almost any other state. That is no small accomplishment!
This virus has not magically gone away, and it is expected to be a threat for months to come. All age groups are affected. Now is the time to be more vigilant than ever as we slowly open up our communities.  It is still up to us, as conscientious individuals, to protect ourselves, and, for those with a heart to protect others.
The famous author Ernest Hemmingway described courage as “grace under pressure.” That description certainly fits our governor! Every day he makes the hard decisions to protect our health and then reaches out to reassure us that we can get through this together.  We can only guess what that costs him personally.
We support our governor and his outstanding leadership and want to go on record as challenging those opponents of his pandemic orders to be part of the solution, not the problem. Our lives are at stake!
We will get through this, but we must do it together!

Together Frankfort Leadership Team
Karen Armstrong-Cummings
Gae Broadwater
Karen Waite Carey
Mary Lynn Collins
Katie Daugherty
Judy Goddard
Bill Klier
Kathy Murphy
Nancy Chapman Parker
Barbara Hadley Smith
Cary Sudduth
Margaret Townsley
Linda Waller
Murray Moore Wood

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