UK football season pushed back to Sept. 26

Published 8:27 am Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kentucky will not start its football season now until Sept. 26 and will be playing 10 Southeastern Conference games. Athletics director Mitch Barnhart says the Cats are still taking extra precautions to make sure the team is ready to play then.

Barnhart explained to the Lexington Rotary Club last week that quarterbacks do not meet together in person to prevent a virus outbreak that could sideline them all. Other positions are doing the same.

“If you have all of your quarterbacks in one meeting and one of them gets it, all of them are gone. We’re separating quarterbacks in meetings. We’re separating offensive linemen. Guys in the same position (group) aren’t next to each other, they’re not coming into the facility at the same time,” Barnhart said.

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“It’s a different dynamic. I think it’s hard to build a team through that. It’s really hard to stay connected, and those are things that the best teams are.”