Reader displeased with Democratic party’s shift to radical left

Published 8:54 am Tuesday, September 22, 2020

There are 192 nations in the world. America is the most powerful and the most generous. America is the wealthiest, most innovative, freest, most influential & most exceptional nation in history.

So let’s just tear it all down and replace it with something else. It sounds crazy, but that’s what the radical left wants to do.

Today’s Democratic Party has shifted radically to the left. They give tacet, and even overt approval of the far left, because they are becoming one and the same. Violent criminal rioting, looting, and arson is now widespread across America in cities governed by the left.

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Over 700 police officers have been injured, law-abiding citizens assaulted, and damages to public and private property are in the billions of dollars. Yet in four days of the Democratic Convention — there was not one word said about the anarchic lawlessness. Only now, after Joe Biden’s poll numbers are going down, has he offered a tepid condemnation.

This is a cultural revolution that has happened so quickly it has taken America by surprise. Cultural revolution to what? The radical left wants to take from America it’s spirit of greatness, and replace it with a colorless, rigid groupthink dogma of grievance and entitlement.

Instead of seeing an exceptional nation that has freed more people from tyranny and poverty than any nation in the history of humans, the left sees an irredeemably bad place that must be torn down and rebuilt.

Instead of seeing a Constitution that is unique because it RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT, the left wants more powerful government, because the left does NOT BELIEVE in individual freedom — they want a controlling central power. It’s not because they care about you — they just want the power to control your life.

The left’s destructive “Defund the Police” movement, and failure to prosecute lawless rioters, has predictably led to skyrocketing crime and murder rates. But that’s what they want — it removes resistance to their goal and movement to tear down America, and today’s Democratic Party is OK with that.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Anarchy is the enemy of humanity.” It is so sad today that anarchists and Marxists are able to gain so much influence with an American major political party.

Eben Henson