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Published 9:11 am Friday, January 8, 2021

Names added to Veterans Wall

Names recently added to the Veterans Park Wall of Honor are:

• Truman Glasscock, United States Army, WWII

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• Daniel G. Wells, United States Air Force, 1970-1998

State redistricting to be discussed

The Women’s Network of Boyle County will have an open meeting concerning redistricting in Kentucky via Zoom on Tuesday, Jan. 12 with Susan Weston, Redistricting Committee for the Kentucky League of Women Voters. Weston is an independent attorney who often consults for The Pritchard Commission for Academic Excellence and serves on the Board of the KY League of Women Voters and its Redistricting Committee.

Kentucky will be re-forming its U.S. Congressional districts, state Senatorial and House of Representative districts in accordance with the 2020 Census. How will this be done? How has it been done in the past? How could it be done most equitably?

The decisions are up to the state Legislature. Often states have made very political decisions to benefit their own majority parties, sometimes resulting in peculiarly gerrymandered districts. A few states have turned decisions over to a commission dedicated to producing fair results. The League of Women Voters has focused on producing maps to encourage the Kentucky Legislature to draw its new maps with a strong emphasis on fairness and logic.

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