Total of building permits stayed “on par” with 2019

Published 8:37 am Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Building permits issued in Danville and Boyle County in 2020 were just four fewer than were issued in 2019 despite how the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on so many other businesses and activities.

And according to the number of building permits for single family homes in the county far out numbers permits issued within the city limits — 47 in the county and only 19 in the city.

“I think that’s amazing given the pandemic and the cost of building materials these days. I think it’s amazing that we’ve done just on par as we did last year,” said Boyle County Building Inspector Rusty Cox during his annual report to the fiscal court last week.

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In fact, even though there were four less permits, the office brought in $728.12 more in fees than in 2019, he said.

According to the 2020 report, there were a total of 117 various building permits issued in the county and 73 issued in the city for a total of 190 permits.

In 2019 there was a total of 91 permits issued in the county; 103 issued in the city for a total of 194 permits.

Cox reported that permits were issued for:

Boyle County residential

• 74 single family homes

• 6 additions

• 5 renovations

• 31 detached buildings

• 7 manufactured housing

• 7 decks and porches

• 5 swimming pools

Boyle County commercial

• 3 new buildings

• 1 addition

• 0 renovations and cell towers

• 2 range hood systems

• 1 demolition

• 2 fences, walls, misc.

There was a total of 108 county residential permits, and nine county commercial permits.

Danville residential

• 19 single family homes

• 0 multi family and manufactured homes

• 8 additions

• 4 renovations

• 9 detached buildings

• 14 decks and porches

• 2 fences, walls, misc.

Danville commercial

• 11 new buildings

• 1 addition

• 3 renovations

• 1 range hood system

• 1 demolition

There was a total of 56 city residential permits and 17 city commercial permits issued.

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