“Extreme rhetoric” doesn’t help

Published 8:59 am Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The teargas, anguish, and death from the unprecedented attempted over-throw of our democracy fueled by our last president’s delusions have barely eased and a letter to the editor appeared where the letter-writer claims the party he disagrees with are demonic socialist fiends ruining America.

What is particularly apparent to me is the writer of that letter, and many in his party, have moved much further into crazy-land, “proud boy” extreme, much more so than even five years ago. More so than when the GOP ran Romney and McCain.

Americans are by and large moderate and middle of the road. American’s cash their stimulus checks and social security checks and Medicare and farm payments and PPP and rely on the government to organize pandemic vaccines, and expect our pot holes filled. We are not a wild west nation of every man grab what they can and others be damned.

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Over-heated extreme rhetoric that makes the “proud boys” prouder doesn’t help anything.      

Robby Henson