Police blotter Feb. 5-7

Published 4:02 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2021

This document serves as a quick overview of calls the Danville Police Department responded to Feb. 5-7. It does not include every call or detail related to each incident. Names, specific street addresses, and traffic stops have been omitted.

Friday, Feb. 5
• Talk to Officer-Phone
Options regarding property ordered from civil court addressed

• Shots Fired-4th Street/Smith Street
Area checked, unable to locate

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• Collision-Cracker Barrel

• Animal Related-Ridgeview
Cattle in yard, assistance given

• Collison-Fazolis

• Domestic-Dorothy Avenue
Verbal only, parties separated

• Missing Person-Danville PD
Persons voluntary left for Mexico and are believed to be held against their will, reporting party put in touch with appropriate federal agencies

• Suspicious Person-Comprehensive Care
Female acting erratic, transported to EMRMC

• Alarm-Lebanon Road

• Talk to Officer-Danville PD
Custody issues explained

• Under the Influence Person-Spero Health
Male subject arrested, public intoxication, possession heroin, Xanax

• Under the Influence Person-Five Star
Unable to locate

• Talk to Officer-Danville PD
Female reporting hitting a trash can with car, clear

• Collision-Wal-Mart

• Road Rage-Main Street
Unable to locate

• Patron Complaint-Pizza Pub
Male refusing to leave, left on request

• Check Welfare-Walmart
Male laying on the ground crawling underneath his vehicle, check completed, subject transported to EMRMC

• Trespassing-Lower Meadow Run
Subjects attempting to gain entry into the condemned structure, property checked

• Hit and Run-Maple/Main
Minor damage, fleeing vehicle green passenger car, unable to locate

• Domestic
No domestic, 3 juveniles given ride home

• Disturbance-Walmart
Male subject refusing to leave, left on request with a ride

• Check Welfare-Longview
3rd party caller wanting police to remove subjects from inside the home due to the owner being in jail, negative contact with anyone

• Check Welfare-Speedway
Male subject under the influence and not breathing, first aid administered, went with EMS

• Disturbance-ER
Assistance given

• DUI-Hustonville Road
Traffic stop, female arrested for DUI

• Alarm-Wendy’s

Saturday, Feb. 6
• Custody Dispute-East Walnut
Issue resolved

• Animal Relate-Greenview
3 aggressive dogs in area, Animal control responded

• Talk to Officer-Wilderness Road
Options given regarding property

• Collision-4th/Fackler

• Neighbor Dispute-Hill N Dale

• Check Welfare-Caldwell
Elderly male locked out of residence, assistance given

• Assault-Red Roof
Victim assaulted by unknown female over money, decided against police assistance

• Domestic-Franklin Ave
Unable to determine, subject uncooperative

• Domestic-Burton Circle
Male arrested for warrant, other assistance offered

• Suspicious Person-Hayden Ave
Someone knocking on door, extra patrol conducted

• Check Welfare-Madison Ave
Open 911 line, area checked

• Alarm-Meadowbrook

Sunday, Feb. 7
• Talk to officer-Cloverdale
Damage to mailbox by snow plow, assistance given

• Collision-Perryville Road/Bluegrass Pike
Single vehicle rollover, investigation and report complete

• Collision-Main/2nd

• Animal Complaint-Carrigan
Loose dogs, owner located

• Narcotic Complaint-EMRMC
Narcotics located by staff, investigation

• Child in Vehicle-AT&T
Contact made with parents

• Disturbance-Butler Drive
Suspects gone on arrival

• Check Welfare-Dorothy Ave
Caller believed ex may be on scene at residence, property check completed

• Alarm-Danville Pediatrics