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Published 11:58 am Friday, February 19, 2021

100 YEARS AGO — 1921

There is a Danville city ordinance that provides a penalty for residents in town who fail to clean the snow off of the pavement in front of their property. It’s mighty good exercise to shovel snow. Since today is Saturday, many school boys will have an opportunity to make some spending money if they don’t mind snow and work.

A large crowd of interested farmers attended the meeting at the courthouse in Danville last Saturday afternoon to hear speakers talk about the Farm Bureau organization. The Boyle County Farm Bureau was tentatively organized a few weeks ago and was completed at Saturday’s meeting. All farmers are asked to come into the organization and help in the great work that is being done.

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Miss Florelle Wright, the pretty daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Wright of Indiana, has returned home after a brief visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wright, and her aunt, Mrs. J.H. Brown of Parksville.

Wanted: To rent a typewriter for a few weeks.

Wanted: A young man desires a neat, comfortable and attractive room. Will be satisfied with a room possessing any two of these attributes. Can give references.

75 YEARS AGO — 1946

Les Cosmetics have received much praise for the Valentine Hair Style Show and Silver Tea presented at the N.A.A.C.P. youth center at N.B.F. hall on Walnut Street for the purpose of buying a War Bond. Many requests are being received for a repetition of the show. The unit is composed of Mesdames Theira Coats, Laura Fisher, Estelle Jefferson, Mamie Taylor, Madeline Simmons, Cora Adams, Margaret Tracanter, Sadie Turner Beatrice Bowman and Katherine Penman.

American churches have an important role to play in the restoration of churches destroyed during World War II in Europe. That was the message of Dr. Benjamin Bush, delegate from the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.  to the World Council of Churches at Geneva, Switzerland, who spoke Tuesday at Second Presbyterian Church in Danville. A former pastor in Lexington and for many years a member of he Centre College Board of Trustees, Dr. Bush has many friends in Danville.

Advertisement: Servi-Cycle, America’s pioneer motorbike. Ride, for the fun of it! Provides men, women, boys and girls with safe, quick, dependable and economical means of getting where you want to go and back again. Cuts travel time one-third. Gets 100 miles on one gallon of gasoline. It’s fun to own a Servi-Cycle. Danville Motors.

The union of school and churches observance of Negro History Week came to a fitting climax Sunday afternoon at ST. James A.M.E. Church, when an excellent program was presented which proved instructive and inspirational. Mr. L.D. Cole of the College of Scriptures, Louisville, was guest speaker. He presented the topic “The Call to Unattainable Ideals.” Also, “The Contribution of the Negro Church to the Negro People,” was presented by Rev. E. Williams. Prof. H.E. Goodloe, principal of Bate School, made remarks which were timely and beneficial.

50 YEARS AGO — 1971

Gerald Taylor, 34 of Liberty, escaped serious injury when he was trapped for about an hour in a ditch at the construction site of the new Whirlpool plant in Danville. Taylor was working in the ditch which was part of the building’s sewer system when his foot in he ditch because stuck between a pipe and the ditch wall which he faced. The ditch in back of Taylor gave away and the dirt submerged the entire lower part of his body up to near the armpits. About 10 members of the Danville-Boyle County rescue squad helped to dig him out.

Centre College has announced plans to construct an impressive, multi-purpose $5 million Fine Arts Center which will feature a 1,500-seat theater/auditorium and a 339-seat experimental theater. The new theater-auditorium will provide the largest full stage auditorium in central Kentucky. It will be the largest single building project in Centre’s 152-year history. Construction will begin immediately.

The annual benefit card party of the American Association of University will be held on Friday night at Jennie Rogers School gym. Members of the organization will also model spring and summer fashions. Among the models will be Jane Scarborough, Betsy Wilt, Becky Bouse, Jo McReynolds and Fan Dishman. Benefits from the event will go into the AAUW scholarship fund.

25 YEARS AGO — 1996

The Wellness Center that will rise next to Food Lion was described as adding “a hole new dimension to prevention in this community and surrounding communities.” Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center is building the facility which will be the first one in central Kentucky and joins only two others in Kentucky. The facility on 9 acres on Ben Ali Drive will combine the hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation with the fitness center now based at the Danville Athletic Club.

Cheryl Hart, Jay Pentzien and Kateri Roessler will represent this area by carrying the Olympic Torch in this part of Kentucky. They were named a “community hero” and were one of a select group people selected to carry the torch across the country. The reward for being named a community hero will be to carry the 3.5-pound Olympic flame for a half mile.