Hints from Heloise: Don’t advertise your life

Published 1:17 pm Sunday, March 7, 2021

Dear Heloise: I see cars everywhere with stickers on them and various decals, showing their support for their hobbies, pets and kids, even putting their name on their license plates. They advertise their lives to the world. It’s a huge mistake, and here’s why. First, they let the world know they will be gone on weekends to go hunting or crosscountry bike racing. A thief can take down your license number, find out where you live and ransack your house. Hunters often have more than one gun, maybe some expensive fishing equipment too. A thief would love to have your toys.

It’s much safer to keep these pieces of information private. Don’t let a thief know that you might be taking dance classes, have a new baby, bought a puppy or anything else about your life. Stay private; stay safe. — Greg A., Henderson, Tenn.

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Dear Heloise: With climate change affecting all of us, it’s a safe bet that many of us in this country need to prepare an emergency kit in case of a sudden change in weather. The following might be of help to people who are unsure of what to put away for an emergency:

• At least two or three flashlights along with additional batteries for each flashlight.

• Extra blankets and maybe inflatable pillows.

• A small first aid kit.

• A dozen large, food-safe containers that you can fill with water if needed. Leave them empty until you know a weather-related emergency is coming your way.

• Freeze-dried foods or fresher items such as fruit cups, bread, cheese, cookies, power bars and canned drinks. The fresher foods are added at the last moment to maintain freshness.

• Battery-powered candles or lanterns and matches or a lighter.

• Plastic sheeting, a few towels, a bar of soap, duct tape and, if you can, a camp stove.

I’m sure other people have suggestions for their area, but put this aside in a closet or garage you have easy access to. It may save your life someday. –John B., Gorham, Maine


Dear Heloise: I love doing crafts, and so many of the things I do involve tiny stones, thin wires or just very small objects, which I kept losing. Finally one day I took a large ice-cream tub, painted it a bright color and labeled it “tiny things.” Then I put all my small items in there. It worked so well that I used four more ice-cream tubs for things like lace, loose ribbons, etc.

My daughter is in college, and she uses one to tote toiletries back and forth to the bathroom. — Viola W., Earl Park, Ind.


Dear Heloise: Got an old coat rack? I did and nearly tossed it out. I put it in my laundry room and thought I’d take it out when the city picks up bulk items. Before I knew it, I began to hang my mop, duster, broom and more on the hooks on the coat rack. It was the perfect storage solution! — Carrie F., Mansfield, Ohio

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