Nature’s beauty should be upheld

Published 11:00 am Sunday, August 22, 2021

One of my favorite activities is spending time in the outdoors. Many times over the years, I would go fishing and end up not even putting my pole in the water.  I just sat on the bank and enjoyed being in nature. I’m sure the fish were pretty excited about that fact as well.

My wife and I have hiked up the side of mountains in order to enjoy the beautiful reward you receive when you reach the top. It seems that recently I have noticed that even when we hike in areas that are so remote that they would be better suited for Bigfoot rather than people, I seem to see litter and trash scattered in the woods.

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Yes, it seems that many people were not taught the childhood lesson of cleaning up after themselves and throw their empty water bottles and Snickers wrappers around at will.

I was sitting at the red light recently and I noticed that the driver in front of me took a big drawl off his cigarette and then casually flicked the butt out the window as if the world was their personal trash can.

A few days later, we went for a drive and a road sign caught my attention that said, “No Littering”. While I certainly agree with the purpose of the sign, I have to wonder if there would be anyone who was preparing to throw trash out of their window and then say, “Oh I didn’t know I can’t litter. I better throw this in the trash can”. No, more likely scenario is that someone will have to pick up the litter thrown at the sign.

I have a feeling that many of these litterbugs that throw their trash around at will is likely the same people whose front yards looks like they are having a yard sale but they’re not.

If someone wants their house to look like it came from an episode of Sanford and Son then that’s their right. Still, I cannot think of a more selfish act than throwing down your trash and expecting someone else to pick it up.

I remember years ago when us kids would come home from school, anything in our hands would usually end up on the kitchen table. My mother had warned us many times that our books should go to our room instead of the table that she was setting for supper.

One day we flew through the front door and laid our books and coats on the table as we always did and flew to the television to catch the latest episode of Gilligan’s Island.

I was more concerned if the ship wrecked castaways would make it off the island this week and let her warnings go in one ear and out the other.

After many unheeded warnings, that day finally came and when I looked for my books but couldn’t find them, I asked my mother and she said, “I don’t know, did you look in the front yard”. Sure enough, there was all of our books and our coats and even my trapper keeper laying in the yard.

My mother has always been the type to give her last bite of food or last dollar to someone that needed it.  She always gave what was needed to the down trodden without a second thought and will to this day. Just don’t lay it on the kitchen table or you’ll find yourself picking it up in the front yard.

I strive each day to be as giving as she has always been to me. Maybe one day I’ll make it.