Republicans do democracy badly

Published 10:44 am Thursday, November 18, 2021

In a recent press release published in the Advocate-Messenger, the Boyle County Republican Party announced their slate of candidates for the 2022 local elections. This means the Republican Party elite disenfranchised all the Republican voters in Boyle County, choosing their candidates for them more than six months before the party primary. Even worse, the party leadership announced the Republicans running for the non-partisan offices of mayor and city commissioner of Danville. The whole point of having non-partisan offices is to avoid the very kind of tribal partisanship that national politics has become in the wake of the Trump/McConnell administration.

The Boyle County Democratic Party is pleased that so many good people have stepped up to run for office. We will wait until the voters have had their say before we announce the slate of the Democratic Party.

Beau Weston
Chair, Boyle County Democratic Party

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