Shop Small in Danville

Published 11:05 am Friday, December 3, 2021

Mary Conley

Executive Director, Heart of Danville

The COVID-19 pandemic confirmed the critical role that small businesses play in our daily lives.  Danville restaurants, entertainment venues, service companies, and any business where in-person contact was the norm endured periodic closure and suffered financial hardship, but they have persevered and shown small businesses are the engine of our local community and local economy. Downtown Danville is home to 270 small businesses and many of our neighbors either work at or own a small business.

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During the pandemic, many of us modified our shopping and dining habits. Some, like me, ate more takeout than ever before in the name of “supporting small business” while others developed new hobbies and began baking at home, but with vaccination rates increasing, consumer confidence is on the rise. We’re returning to more in-person dining and shopping experiences. Through the holidays we need to keep that momentum as our local businesses adjust to changes in the market caused by the pandemic.

Take the opportunity this holiday season to walk around our beautiful downtown Danville and get acquainted with our local businesses. Danville has a broad array of small businesses ranging from coffee, cuisine, unique boutiques, household specialties, kitchen wares, bookstores, and performances. The message is the same: “we’re still here, we have great products, and we’re ready to meet our local customers or those of you who are just visiting.”

While the holidays may still look a little different this year, we can each do our part by:

  • Shopping small and doing your holiday purchasing at a downtown small business.
  • While you are supporting your downtown small businesses, dine small, too — visit your local eateries and independent restaurants.
  • Encouraging friends and family to do the same by shopping at a small business in-person or online.

As our economy continues to improve, shopping small is a way to show support for our downtown businesses who have always been here to support the community and have adjusted their businesses to continue to meet our needs, leading the way in bringing Main Street back to life.

I want you to join me in shopping small, not only through this holiday season, but as often as possible. Our downtown shops and restaurants are depending on our continued support.