Reader upset by removal of statue

Published 7:07 am Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Dear Editor,
I am a 75-year-old great-grandmother who is proud to have been born and raised in the state of Kentucky. I have lived in other places but always return home to the Bluegrass state. That being said I also am proud of Kentucky’s great heritage and am not ashamed of my state or those who have lived in it during the Civil War. Our state was a “border state” we gave men to both sides and in fact, was the birthplace of both President Abraham Lincoln and President Jefferson Davis.
So it was with a great deal of chagrin that I learned of a statue of one of our own being removed from a place of honor that he had occupied for over 100 years, just because he was an officer of the losing side. I read his obituary and obviously, he was well-liked and well respected within the community of Danville, having been noted as a charitable and likable person until his death at age 68. The Presbyterian pastor spoke highly of him in his obit. And now this same church is ashamed of him.
When I moved to this area over three years ago I was so glad to be among such historical places and names and tried to find out as much as I could about everything local. I have to admit however that as many times as I traveled through Danville, I did not even notice or give thought to the statue that sat on the little knoll at the entrance to the College until I saw a canvas draped over it. Then I read about the campaign online and was flabbergasted at the pure “wokeness” of this community. What has happened to the clear-headed thinking and let live attitude that we Kentuckians are noted for? As a Christian, I was actually dumbfounded that a pastor thinks he could better preach the gospel of Jesus without the statue? Could he not stand in front of it and preach, like Paul did before the pagan temples? Really people?!
This man may not have had the political views of today, but that does not mean he was not worthy of the honor given him. He was a descendant of the founders of Lincoln County, of good pioneer stock. So this man who was admired by the church then is now ostracized by the same church. I for one think the time and effort, let alone money, could have been used to better understand our history, and help those who are “woke” to appreciate how they came to have the freedoms to be so critical and teach those who are experiencing, as the mayor said, “angst and discomfort” to better deal with such emotions instead of removing those things they dislike.
Pamela M.Wolfe
Lancaster, KY

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