Public Record: Property Transfers Feb. 4, 2022

Published 10:44 am Friday, February 4, 2022

Property Transfers
• Bluth Development to C&T Property Co. Ltd., property on Martin Luther King Blvd., $59,500

• William Hughes Owens to Raymond and Vivian Belcher, property in Boyle County, $50,000

• Land Centre Holdings Kevin and Holly Richard, property in Rothwell Estates, $235,000

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• Ray and Billie Jo Graves to Mike and Lisa Graves, property in Perryville, $115,000

• Teresa and Justin Mundy to Kevin Watts, property in Boyle County, $40,000

• Casey Maupin to Steven and Lavon Foley-Penman, property in Gloraview Subdivision, $155,000

• John and Kendra Funkhouser to Demitri Ray, property in Weisiger Woods Subdivision, $250,000

• Kendra Barton to Truman Mays, property on Terrace Court, $115,000

• Brian Pendygraft, executor of the estate of Joyce Pendygraft, to Hannah Chadwell, property in Parksville, $123,500

• Frankie Kaye Lamb to Tyler Watts, property in Boyle County, $160,000

• Fowler-Dunn Developers to Jeralyn Danielle Kessler, property in Danville, $185,000

• B&E Ventures to Atkins Properties, property on First Street in Perryville, $150,000

• Stuart and Janice Martt to Kyle Abrams, property in Paula Heights Subdivision, $169,000

• Michael and Susan Toadvine, Richard and Susan Toadvine, and Deborah Toadvine to Katyln Summer Warren, property in Boyle County, for love and affection

• Jonathan Courtwright to Joshua and Lorna Gantt, property in Shelby Green Subdivision, $215,000

• Jody Mattingly and Stefanie Elam to Kelly J. Griffith and Anne M. Griffith, property in Morgan Subdivision, $210,000

• Casey and Shelbi Lawhorn to Maverick Consulting LLC, property in End-O-Main Farm Development, $103,000

• Benjamin and Megan Richardson to David and Sherri Griffith, property in Boyle County, $255,000

• Barry and Patricia Carrier to John McClain and Ashley McClain, property in Indian Hills Subdivision, $168,900

• Carver Group Inc. to John and Lori Welsh, property in Candlewood Subdivision, $205,000

• Carver Group Inc. to David and Laura Cazden, property in Candlewood Subdivision, $205,000

• Estate of William G. Woolum to Jerry and Shawnda Peyton, property in Streamland Subdivision, $247,500

• 104 Boyden Court LLC to Arlo Rosdatter and Ann Cinnamond, property in Boydan Court Subdivision, $172,500

• Aleetha Ellis to Andrew and Kara Rozzi, property on Godbey Lane, $247,900

• Melody Bird to Gregory and Salli Slone, property in Boyle County, $105,000

• Thomas and Donna Hundley to Gregory and Salli Slone, property in Boyle County, $630,000