Reader says Danville deserves better newspaper

Published 11:05 am Thursday, April 21, 2022

My family and I moved to Danville in 2019 and Love the town and people living here to pieces. Over that span we have come to know many residents and have become invested in this community.
As a newspaper professional and someone who knows the value of local news over any other news source, the state of the Advocate Messenger today is disheartening. The lack of any staff in Danville and outsourcing to centers in Mississippi and Alabama really shows.
I was a subscriber when they went from a daily newspaper down to a bi-weekly and could see why that was needed. Then sports were cut.
If there is an identity Boyle county has, it is sports. What is the purpose of a local newspaper without featuring our local athletes, reporting on local government and being the record for the city?
Quite frankly, Danville deserves better.

Doug Sanders


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