Danville construction update: Week 1

Published 6:08 pm Monday, July 11, 2022

An update from Josh Morgan, City Engineer:
On Monday, the contractor began demolishing sidewalks at the southeast corner of Fourth and Main.
Only the sidewalk will be removed, not the curb.
The exit of the bank will be skipped and completed at a later point in the project.
After demolition, the contractor will install any underground utilities such as electrical conduit, water lines, etc.
During this first pass down Main, the contractor will only be constructing the sidewalks as we wait for the pavers and curbs to arrive for the amenity zone.
The map below outlines the area to be built during week 1.
The Downtown Streetscape project kicked off last week with the removal of the ginkgo trees. It was tough to see the trees go, but due to the damaging roots and the odorous fruit, it was necessary to create a safe and usable sidewalk.
This winter, the project will include the planting of 64 new trees in the project area. Five different species will be planted that were selected for their suitability as a street tree that will not damage sidewalks or be a nuisance to downtown patrons.

The map outlines the area to be built during week 1.

More updates and photos of completed work will be sent out each week as the project progresses. Contact the City Engineer’s office with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Josh Morgan

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