Mitchellsburg Road to close Oct. 24-27 for safety hazard

Published 4:46 pm Friday, October 14, 2022

Ky Hwy 1108 will be closed from October 24 to October 27 to mitigate a serious hazard caused from unstable rock outcroppings on Mitchellsburg Road.

The shutdown will take place at Mile Marker 1.35, locally referred to as Horseshoe Bend. 

Magistrate Tom Ellis learned of this safety hazard from Emergency Management Director Brian Caldwell, who spotted the hazard. Ellis immediately started communicating with the KY  Department of Transportation (KY DOT) to urge them to investigate as quickly as possible.  Frankfort officials made a visit to the site and KY DOT officials concluded what Ellis  feared, the outcropping of rocks has created a safety hazard.  

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Magistrate Ellis said, “Noting that there is such an extreme ten foot high crevice where the sun clearly shines through the overhanging boulder, I literally decided to back my truck up more than  100 feet for safety. Along this stretch of road, I see more road frontage of shale-like,  deteriorating cliffs, which concerns me. I fear that heavy rain, a mudslide above and especially  winter freezing and thawing will almost assuredly cause a catastrophic fracture – potentially  amounting to a hundred plus tons of rock coming down on the road.”