Abused horse makes a strong recovery

Published 1:08 pm Thursday, April 27, 2023



Rhythm, an American Saddlebred horse and a survivor of the 2020 horse abuse case in Boyle County, has bounced back and was featured as a breed ambassador to the Equine Affaire held earlier this month in Columbus, Ohio.

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“It is a horse trade show, they have every breed imaginable there. There is a trade show with everything horse,” said Becci Loomer, Rhythm’s owner. “She was chosen as an ambassador because she had a tough beginning and is now starting her career. They want to show how beautifully, tough, and versatile Saddlebreds are.”

It was Rhythm’s first time in a crowd since her rescue. More than 8,000 people attended this year’s Equine Affaire.

“She had a first tough day, she was afraid of the noise in the arena,” Loomer said. “She settled in and did really well after. I hope to get her in the show pen by the end of year but that depends on how she progresses.”

Loomer has worked with horses most of her life and formed a bond with Rhythm when they first met.

“My business donated $250 to the cause and 400 bales of hay,” Loomer said. “She was in such tough shape.

“I had no intention of taking any (horse), but after I met her and saw what shape she was in there was no way I could have left her where she was. She was 6 months old and weighed 200 pounds. My husband and I picked her up and loaded her in a trailer she was so little. The first night I slept in the barn with her because she was so afraid. We have took it slow.”

Although her home is in Mercer County, Rhythm is being trained at Cedar Ridge Farm near Danville. The owner of Cedar Ridge, Cindy King-Martin, has been training horses for 53 years.

“She is broke to ride,” Loomer said. “We have been riding her, but she isn’t quite ready to ride under saddle at home just yet. I’ve known Cindy since I was a little kid. She has always been my hero because she does such great things with these animals. She knows the breed, knows how to handle them, and there is no other place I would have sent that filly.”