Will Isaac, 57

Published 1:19 pm Friday, February 23, 2024

Will Isaac, a 57-year-old resident of Lawrenceburg, KY, passed away in his home on Saturday, February 17, 2024, in Anderson County. He was born to parents Tom and Judy Isaac in 1966. Will was raised in Kentucky, all while growing the biggest heart and sharing pieces of his love with those around him. He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1988 and was a member of the Kappa Alpha Order, working to accomplish his desire to serve others through various public-facing jobs.

Knowing Will was to love him, as he had so much love to give back. He adored his wife and children without even having to express it. Will’s actions always spoke volumes of his love for his family. Apart from being a God-fearing man, Will had various interests, including collecting pens and watches, a love for animals, and a passion for aircraft, classic rock, and Star Wars. He always had a love for nature, stepping outside amongst the soil, camping, and favored places such as the Rocky Mountains. He dreamed of stepping into the west to enjoy the wondrous peaks and winds. Will Isaac falls under the category of a man of many talents and loved to journal the life God blessed him with.

Will joins his wife, Leigh Ann Isaac, who died in June 2023.

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Will is survived by his four children, Alex, Katie, Jack, and Olivia; sister, Liz (Tim) Holmes; brother, Ben (Becky) Isaac; several nieces and nephews, along with great-nieces and nephews.

A private burial for Will, reserved for family members, will be held on the family-owned property. He will be interred next to his late wife. On Saturday, March 2, a celebration of Will’s life will be held between 2 pm and 4 pm at the Ritchie & Peach Funeral Home in Lawrenceburg, KY.

Will embodied the spirit of Jesus through his compassionate heart and caring nature towards everyone he met during his life. He has left behind a heartwarming legacy of adoration, devotion, and expression of feelings. His life serves as a beautiful reminder that kindness can go a long way in expressing our love to others and wearing our hearts on our sleeves. He was a devoted husband and parent who showed us how to love our families unconditionally.