Apologies to representatives for ‘Rat’s Rant’

Published 4:22 pm Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dear editor,
As a member of 12-step organization for past 15 years it is important that amends get made to the following individuals.
I have not been very kind to the state Republican representatives of Boyle and Casey counties regarding the handling of substance use disorder issues facing our communities. Rep. Daniel Elliott, Sen. Jimmy Higdon, I owe you proper recognition for the handling of a tragic issue I faced with an individual and his son working as an personal advocate.
Gov. Bevin has has made it clear that Medicaid is in total public disarray, perhaps because of the heavy toll of medicine addiction treatment now acknowledged and accepted by Medicaid.
A 57-year-old man who held two jobs in 38 years and lost them through no fault of his own was separated from his wife and 17 year old son. She dies, leaving the son alone in Garrard County and he immediately moves to take custody and form life. He tries to get physician care, which the son is OK with, but he is refused because of a conflict of address.
He was supposed to call Medicaid and get things resolved. After three days, he finally gets through and leaves a message. Two days later and no response, he calls again and gets disconnected.
By this time I send off a “Rat’s Rant” to Jimmy and Daniel. Ten minutes later, I get reply from Daniel saying he is familiar with Medicaid issue but since the man now lives in Garrard County to contact Rep. Jonathan Shell or Gov. Bevin’s office. A courteous lady from governor’s office called and set an appointment to call later. She did and things are proceeding from there.
Thank you,

H. M. “Rat” Durham

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