Perryville City Council approves lower tax rate

Published 11:13 am Friday, September 2, 2016


Perryville City Council made it official Thursday night, lowering the city’s 2016-2017 tax rate below that of last year’s.

The rate will be 33.6 cents per $100 on real and personal property value, down from 33.7 cents per $100; and 40 cents per $100 on motor vehicle and watercraft.

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Any property on the abandoned urban property list as of Jan. 1 will cost $7.50 per $100, instead of $5 per $100.

In 2015, real property taxes generated $70,288 in revenue, while personal property taxes brought in $1,988. Under the proposed 2016 tax rate, an estimated $70,340 in real property revenue will be brought in, while an estimated $2,486 in personal property will be brought in.

Council members also voted to approve redoing the blacktop on the end of Fifth Street for $1,050; the top of Jackson Street beginning at U.S. 150 for $1,400; and patching the end of first street for $350; all for a total of $2,800. They gave permission to purchase cold patch to cover other spots throughout the city.