Letter: God instituted law enforcement for our protection

Published 6:16 pm Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dear Editor,

We live in a nation that was founded on the principle of people being free, which included freedom to worship God, and to live in safety.

That same God who our founding Fathers and Mothers came here to worship is also the One who instituted that we, as citizens of this nation, should be a people of law and order, with certain defined, set guidelines and rules to live by that ensures and provides for our safety. For that reason men and women are appointed and elected to carry those guidelines out.

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We know and recognize those people as our national, state, and local law enforcement agencies — which have been under much condemnation lately. It is for that reason that we, as citizens of this great nation who value and honor their service to our communities, are asking others like ourselves to actively show your support for them in joining us in “Project Blue Light.” To participate, simply display a blue light somewhere on your property, whether it be a porch light, or even a string of blue lights, etc.

By this we are showing that we appreciate and honor our law enforcement personnel, and we honor the One who instituted them for our safety.

Bob and Sandy Martin