Shewmaker appointed as circuit clerk: Chief deputy recommended for position by resigning clerk has retired

Published 6:13 pm Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cortney Shewmaker was sworn in as the new Boyle County Circuit Court Clerk on Sept. 2 to complete the term of retired Circuit Court Clerk Joni Terry.
Shewmaker was appointed by Circuit Judge Darren Peckler after passing the test required of every circuit court clerk on Sept. 1. She is new to the circuit court clerk’s office, but not to Danville.
“I actually started my career in this building in 1991,” Shewmaker said. “I’m excited about being able to come back home and directly serve the people in the community.”
According to a news release, Shewmaker has “a great amount of managerial and leadership experience and a large background working in government departments.”
Before retiring, Terry had recommended Chief Deputy Marsha Isaacs, a nearly 24-year veteran of the office, to replace her as the circuit court clerk.
But according to Terry, Peckler “did not agree” with the recommendation. Prior to Terry’s retirement, Peckler declined to say whom he would appoint to the position and didn’t comment directly on Terry’s claim that he had decided against Isaacs. Peckler ultimately chose Shewmaker.
Isaacs has now also retired from her position at the office.
Shewmaker said she recognizes her position is to provide service to the public.
“I am interested in hearing anything the public has, and I want to talk to the staff here about what we can do to make improvements to accommodate the public more,” she said. “I hope people recognize the significance and the importance of what goes on here.”
Shewmaker said the circuit court clerk position is one she has always been interested in. The elected office has six-year terms. Two years are left on retired clerk Terry’s term.
Shewmaker said her goal is to simply work hard and provide service to support the court system. She said she wants to create a great environment for the staff she works with.
“I’d like to continue the work the former clerk was doing,” Shewmaker said. “Hopefully I continue to carry that out.”

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